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That's right. The Twitter avatar for KD is Ari Gold, now I'm actively repping for talent I know and trust. 

Except it's not Vinnie Chase or Johnny Drama.  Wanted to reach out to the readership and ask you to keep your eyes open for job opportunities for an HR Pro I know and trust – Lance Haun.

Lance is based out of Portland and is a strong HR pro. While he’s early in his career, Lance has developed a great deal of authority in the HR/Talent game by making his voice heard at his blog, (also known as After meeting Lance and working with him on a variety of projects, I can confirm that what you see at the blog – a smart, savvy HR Pro who is accessible to all and gets it – is what you get in person.

I first connected with Lance through Your HR Guy, and the blog is one of 10 that truly matters in the Digital HR world. Whoever Lance connects with professionally is going to get the benefit of not only having a great HR pro on the team, but also having an emerging thought leader who many look to for HR-related thought and content. I’d hire him in a heartbeat, but I don’t have a remote or Portland-based opening, which is what Lance is seeking.

That sucks for me. 

Check out Lance’s profile on LinkedIn at Lance has been impacted by an economic downsizing at his current employer in a garden variety first in, first out scenario. (i.e., what's known as the easy way out in the biz...).

Can you help? Anything you can do to consider Lance for work with your company or refer this post out to your network would be greatly appreciated…. Payback for anything positive is assumed by the delivery of this post to you…


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