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Twitter Nation - Who Would You Recommend a VP of HR Follow on Twitter?

I had a great time last Sunday doing a workshop for HR Pros at HR Florida on how to use social media.  Nice session, great attendance and we covered how to use Google Reader and Twitter in-depth.  I think it went well, but as I picked up Twitter followers from the session, I felt compelled to ask the following question via Twitter to help the peeps out:

"Who would you recommend that a VP of HR read on Twitter? I'm helping a friend I met at #shrmfl. Tag it #followrecsforvpofhr




Any way to get a copy, video, etc. of your presentation?



Steve Boese

Thanks for the link. I am working on the follow-up post, 'Your Next 100 HR Twitter Follows' and accepting bribes, I mean donations to be included.

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