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You know the drill as a HR Pro.  Everyone in the organization is trying to tweak their title a bit to command the respect they deserve in the marketplace.  I love taking a look at Outlook signatures in the emails that come across to see what people are calling themselves.

The other place I love to look for titles and descriptions?  The Money section of our local paper, which hasPretty_woman the standard Human Resources feature a couple of times a week, allowing the PR flacks to announce hirings and promotions in local companies.  It's usually pretty standard stuff, but every once in a while you run across a gem.  Here's one I liked from last week, the employee, company and location names have been changed to prevent me from being sued.

"St. Paul native, Rochelle Twig, has joined Mobile Marketing as a personal concierge consultant of Mobile's My Personal Assistant division, where she will manage client's requests and activities."

Man, is there a lot of noise in that hiring announcement!  I had to read it a couple of times just to figure out that she was probably one of those personal assistants you can outsource to help you with your schedule, reservations and directions.   An assistant.  Or maybe to spice it up, a virtual assistant.  I got sidetracked by the consultant title with the OFFICIAL-sounding division name, etc.  I thought about inquiring about that type of service, since I have read about the trend before, but then I remembered that Outlook runs my calendar, and the type of restaurant I frequent (can you say "think outside the bun"?) doesn't require reservations...

Still, I was interested to see if my confusion was me or the way the announcement was written.  So I asked my wife (advanced degree, and street smart to boot) to listen to the announcement and tell me what Rochelle's job is.  Her answer?

"She's a professional escort, if you know what I mean."

Ouch.  Rochelle, if you wrote your own announcement, that's a free lesson in keeping it real.   Just tell me what you do, without the consultant and division tags.  You're a personal assistant, not a professional escort!  You're smart enough, you're bright enough, and gosh darn it, people like you...



Well, a lot of people certainly like to spice their names up a little bit. In a way, it sort of makes up for the boredom in the office. But don't get mistaken for a professional escort!

Lance @

Classic! As I always say, stick to conventional language when dealing with people outside of your organization. I have actually had to fight with people to have them stop changing or inflating their title. And on resumes? Forget about it! Senior Deliverables Specialist means nothing. I also love that people will put "Senior" in front of every job title on the planet.


i totally agree with you lance , your right we should take it as its is .

Virtual Personal Assistant

It's just a way for virtual assistant of having a professional sounding name. In most cases it is helpful for their business but sometimes it gets miss interpreted for something else.

Concierge Services

of course....your wife could be wrong and the young lady really was a PA ;-)

Toronto Kama

LOL, the wording has been well crafted in order to avoid legal entanglements, if indeed we are talking about an escort, or yes she is a PA. I tend to agree with your wife on this. Its wording like this that forces massage clinics to be quite specific that they are REGISTERED massage practitioners, just to cut down on the clients looking for a different type of "massage".

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