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Pfizer MAINTAIN Program - Part of the Stimulus Program?

What can I say?  I can't pass up a Viagra headline after being subjected to 1 MILLION ads during NBA and NFL games.  Here's a tip.  Guys don't talk about that stuff.  They certainly don't form bands and make up songs professing their love for a drug that would make them the object of harsh jokes around their manfriends.

But I digress... The content behind the headline has to do with Pfizer, part of the Rx machine many of you love to hate, stepping up and starting a program that can help the unemployed and their families that perhaps can't afford to continue the regiment of prescriptions:

"MAINTAIN, which became fully operational on July 1, 2009. MAINTAIN helps eligible unemployed Americans (and their families) who are in financial need and lack prescription coverage continue to get their Pfizer medicines free-of-charge for up to one year or until they become insured, whichever comes first. 
Through MAINTAIN, more than 70 Pfizer medicines are offered that treat a range of chronic health conditions. It is easy to learn if you may be eligible, by visiting or calling 866-706-2400. The program is user-friendly, with a one-page application that Pfizer will typically process within two to three weeks. The program is expected to accept applications through December 31, 2009.
There are four eligibility requirements for MAINTAIN:

--Applicants must be able to demonstrate loss of employment since January 1, 2009;
--Lack prescription coverage;
--Attest to financial need; and,
--Be on their Pfizer medicine for at least three months prior to unemployment and enrolling in the program.

I'm adding one:

--Be willing to break out the trombone and join a band with people you don't know to profess your love for a preferred drug of choice based on your condition. 

A rendition of "Loving Lipitor", anyone?  Seriously, it's good to see them giving back, even if they created markets for some of the drugs with a mixture of thin air and billions of dollars of advertising.  




Is it true that if you don't swallow Viagra quick enough that you will get a stiff neck :(

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