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I'm always on the lookout for cool ways to outperform others with a resume without looking like a total idiot.  For me, that means the cheesy video and picture on the resume is bad, but something that can take either of those elements and blend them into something that make sense from a contextual standpoint is good - think VisualCV (see mine here)

The latest find in the escalating arms race of cool resumes comes from the The Portfolio of Michael Anderson.  Let's call it the timeline infographic of your life:

"There are many ways of displaying information, as the info aesthetics blog shows, some are just lovely. Well, in that spirit, I decided to update my résumé with a different perspective on the typical time-line theme. This is just concept art, as there are almost no real metrics represented except for time. There is no energy expenditure unit of measure, nor tics to delineate percentage or otherwise. In the fun multi-variable intake / output chart, there should be unique units per each (and a few are almost unquantifiable).

Finally in the ring chart (that’s what I am calling it) there are 2 dissimilar axes representing professional deployment vs. % personal development time. This is by far my favorite chart, but I feel that it does a disservice to the myriad software packages and input/output operations in which I have at least a reasonable skill level. Not to boast, but a comprehensive list would take a bit more space."

Take a look at the finished product below.  A great opportunity to present facts and experience, plus have some fun at the same time.  Graphic designers always have a leg up on this type of stuff, but in a cluttered candidate space, is it worth giving some young turk graphics guy $100 to crank out something similar for you to present in addition to that boring document you call a resume?

I think yes...(Click on the graphic to blow it up bigger...)



Paul Hebert

I did something similar a few year's back - a time line with jobs/positions on the top - and skills and activities below - the HR person and the recruiter made me redo it so it was more "traditional" - too weird to present to the hiring manager - and it was for a marketing and sales job.

Just sayin - (I know you woulda loved it!)

Justin Couch

You simultaneously praise and devalue the work of graphic designers in your article by making the assertions that their work can be a key component in displaying information in a way that helps you "outperform" your competition, while at the same time implying that some "young turk graphics guy" could "crank out" something similar for a mere $100. Good design work takes time, thought, inventiveness and experience, and does not come cheap.

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