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SHRM09 Interview - China Gorman On the State of the SHRM National Conference...

True story - I'm getting ready to talk to China Gorman (SHRM COO) on Tuesday at the SHRM National Conference, and a Caucasian dude walks up to China and rips off something like this:


China said something back in the same language.  Then the dude ripped off something like this:


At which point China indicated she didn't speak the language.

So the guy points out her nametag and says words to the effect of "But your name is China, so I...."

Awkward silence.  The guy was dead serious.  Dude, If you're reading this today, you were a super nice guy, but I had to share that story... Duuuuuuude....

ANYWAY, since this was the first SHRM conference I've attended in awhile, I thought I would sit down with China and talk about the state of the Annual SHRM Conference.  The video of our conversation is below and the topics include:

1.  WARMUP - what were China's favorite moments at the SHRM conference in New Orleans?

2.  Welch and Kotter - Those were the two hot speakers this year, how does SHRM intend to keep the business/HR flow going in future years? 

3.  Dave Ramsey - What happened?  Why were so many attendees talking smack?

4.  Why aren't there more pure HR practitioners presenting at the show?

5.  What are the toughest issues SHRM faces in providing a great experience to HR practitioners in the field?

6.  SOFTBALL: What's China's favorite Sheryl Crow song?

7.  Next Year's Music: Can I get a he** yeah for AC/DC?  Or since it's in San Diego, how about some local flavor with a little Blink-182?

Take a look.  Thanks to SHRM for having the HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent teams out to cover the show.  A trip worth taking...

KD + China Gorman from Fistful of Talent on Vimeo.

Capitalist Note - I knew as soon as I said it that AC/DC formed in Australia, but I'm steeped in the band's European history, like the fact that Bon Scott died in London... I'm a little surprised that China didn't correct me on that one... Anyway, it'll be good to see the boys in San Diego.  You want a band from down under?  Go find the lead singer from Men at Work...



ooooo, you had to throw in the comment about the 8 track! ;) Great interview! Both of you come across very amiable and knowledgable professionls - you give HR a good name. Keep up the great work!

Tracy Tran

Wonderful interview with China, Kris. She is definitely the Great SHRM Hope. Although I have a few observations:

1. Was there a memo to wear green?
2. From other tweets, there is a good, unique energy in New Orleans. It might down, but people seem hopeful.
3. I had the very same reaction with China about Lionel Richie last year. I though the initial selection was meh, but when he performed, it was quite good.
4. We do need AC/DC. I'm not strong on Blink 182 since they hate each other and we don't want SHRM to show that ;).

Gene E. Moore, MBA, SPHR

Please no more load Music groups for Tuesday Night. Or until the sound person gets it right.
I am still waiting for a HR safety person to come to the Tuesday Night event with something to measure the level of the sound. I am sure it is way above tolerance levels.
I know they can get the sound correct, because on Wednesday at the General Session, they had on stage, that very talented 8 year old. Who brought down the House, with not with one song, but two. And the sound levels were so balanced correctly you could understand the words she was singing.
Yes, I am spoiled. My first Tuesday Night was in 1997 in San Diego, and we had Papa Do Run Run. The sound system that night was perfect. Also the show that featured Wayne Brady, the sound system was perfect.
Therefore, that is 13 National Conferences, and the last 5 we have walked out of!

Every one of the sessions I attended were outstanding, and have enough new energy to last until next year.

Still have a pet peeve, and it has to do with Meet to Eat. Think National should have members who go each year and take part in Meet to Eat help out the host committee with this area.

Gene E. Moore, MBA, SHPR
[email protected]



i'm a HR student in China,but actually '猪头' is not stand for the 'Caucasian dude',it means 'pig head'...........

in fact i fell disappointed about the Beijing office of SHRM,beacause they hardly do something for SHRM member in China.

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