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Messing with Sasquatch - "Interviewing For That Big Job" Style....

You've seen the commercials, right?  Messin' with Sasquatch from Jack Links Beef Jerky, with the theme of 2 or 3 guys stumbling upon Sasquatch in the great outdoors and then deciding to play sophomoric pranks on the unsuspecting Bigfoot, which are hilarious but always end with Sasquatch throwing them through a tree, etc.

Worked on a job search recently and had this real life "Messing with Sasquatch" story relayed to meMessinWithSasquatch_3 regarding a job interview by a rising executive.  Real Story, enjoy:

Setting - Fortune 10 company, a young MBA is starting to rise through the ranks of the massive conglomerate.  As a part of that, he's up for a #2 position at a division unrelated to the work he's currently doing.  That's how Fortune 10 succession plans roll, right?  Spread the talent around and let them learn it all.  That's when his boss decides it's time to mess with Sasquatch:

--Boss - Bob, let's talk about your interview with Frank (the #1 and hiring manager in the division the young exec will be interviewing with in 2 days).

--Bob (Young Exec) - That'd be great, what can you tell me about Frank?

--Boss - Yeah, well that's exactly what I wanted to talk about.  Franks a great guy and a great manager, but there's one thing you need to know, and you need to figure it out before you go in there.

--Bob (Young Exec) - Ok... What is it?

--Boss (looking Bob straight in the eye, with no hint of a smile and using all the mannerisms that Bob identifies as truthful and serious in the boss) - Here's the thing, when you go in there, you may be shocked.  You see, Frank has no arms.  Great exec, he's overcome a lot.  No arms though, I wanted you to be prepared.

--Bob (Young Exec) - You're kidding, right? 

--Boss (again with all the serious mannerisms that Bob has seen when people are fired, etc.) - Bob, I'm not joking.  I wanted you to know, and more importantly, if you make a fool of yourself with your reaction, I'm afraid you'll seriously damage your career here at Giganticon.  So, you have to go in and handle it like a normal interview, don't treat him differently, and most importantly, don't look or stare.

--Bob (Young Exec, face sinking as he thinks of the enormity of it all) - OK, thanks...

--Boss (with compassionate smile and a back slap) - OK, knock em dead, alright?  Don't think about it too much...

Two Days Later

--Bob's in the lobby of the division HQ in question, and for the last two days, he's thought about nothing but the hiring manager he's about to interview with.  Then it dawns on him in the lobby.... "WHAT DO I DO ABOUT SHAKING HANDS?"

--Secretary in the Lobby - "Frank's ready for you, go on in"....

--Bob walks into the office, where he finds Frank, FULL ARMED,  Two of them. Frank offers his hand for a formal shake.

Bob's boss has just been Messing with Sasquatch, a full decade before the launch of the commercials.

Bob didn't get the job.  He still tells the story with awe and amazement of how freaked out his boss made him... Messing with Sasquatch clip below...


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