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You're right.  You're a hard worker, and these slackers around you don't have what it takes to keep up.  In fact, that's probably a good thing, because it's hard to tolerate their lack of focus, desire to gossip and general questionable skills, isn't it?

Keeping your nose to the grindstone and displaying the unwillingness to participate in the office BS is theBrownnose perfect way to move from individual contributor to manager of people.

Of course, that's where your past zero-sum mentality can come back to haunt you.  When you actually NEED them.  Whoops!

More from the always accessible and relevant Jason Seiden:

"You go to work. You crank through your work. Everyone else is lolly-gagging, dragging their feet and doing anything but working.  You’re a model of efficiency.  You’re also annoying.

Hey, that’s a badge of honor, right? When slackers don’t like you, that’s validation that you’re a hard worker, diligent, focused, a true team player!

See, one day—maybe sooner, maybe later—you’ll need something from someone. You’ll need one of those slow pokes to rush a job for you. Or you’ll be put in charge of a project and you’ll need them to listen to you. Or you’ll have a little mystery on your hands and you’ll need someone else’s help to solve it. Something.

And you know what you’ll have? You’ll have a black-and-white situation on your hands, where the person either says yes or no to your request, and if the answer is no, the only recourse you’ll have is to go tell your boss so she can help you, you poor, misunderstood little worker-bee. You know why that’s what you’ll have to do? Because of what you won’t have: a relationship with the people that allows you to use personal influence or even referent power. All you’ll have, maybe, is formal authority and, uh, I’m not sure how to tell you this, but… uh… those people around you who are procrastinating today? Well, they don’t seem to have too much respect for formal authority, see… so I’m guessing when annoying, workaholic, do-gooder you shows up one day waving your “formal authority card,” they’re going to laugh in your face and ignore you."

If you aren't getting Seiden's daily rants delivered to you, go here and sign up now.  The clip above shows why I consider Jason to be the freshest voice going in leadership development. 

Just felt like sharing that today.  Brilliant clip from a smart guy.


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