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The DISC Profile of the HR Capitalist... I Hear the Sirens In The Background...

Dr_Evil One of the cool things about DAXKO is that we run a DISC on everyone when they come in the door.  I suspect I'll be writing a good bit about the process of figuring out how to use the tool in individual and team development as I dig in, but for now, my full DISC is available for you to analyze and scrutinize at the link below.

<sob><gasp> Don't judge me too much when you read this...

So, I'm a developer.  Apparently, the only way I could be a higher "D" is if I contracted Dr. Evil to build me a special laser controlled by angry sharks.  A direct hit in many ways, although as a product of my parents, I could never be as brash as the profile suggests.  I care, trust me.  You're doing great, and the pat on the back is right around the corner...

Hit me in the comments with your thoughts.  I could use the therapy. 



Took a very quick look.

"High in the dominance dimension" is one of the most awesome phrases I've ever seen. Embrace it Kris. I see a new tag line.

I wonder what dimension I'd be High in?

Higher Education Blog

I liked the Image in the article.
Anyways nice write up.

HR girlguru

I would be interested in hearing how DAXKO uses the DISC Profile. I am also a Developer with a high dominance dimension. When I found this out it was part of a "team-building" session in a new group I joined. Problem was everyone else was the exact opposite – low D and high S. They ended up feeling great about themselves and I was left out.

That is one of my concerns with these types of assessments. Instead of fostering a culture of inclusion they can cause segregation. Examples are comments in staff meetings, "Kim, don't be such as "D".

Anyway, good luck with us and keep us posted on how it works for you.

Tim Sackett


I'm a Persuader - High D, High I - no S! That always concerned me, not having any S, but like you I sought therapy for my lack of patience and getting distracted by shining things and...I forgot where I was going with this. ;)

High D is good, everyone needs someone to tell them what to do - embrace it, then have your wife take it, so you can learn how to talk to her better!

Matthew M

HR girlguru:

If those sorts of things were happening, your facilitator was doing a very poor job. The point of the DISC assessment in a company atmosphere is to assist people not only to understand what style they are, but more importantly, how to recognize the communication makeup of those around them. Then you're able to adjust how you approach them to suit their styles and make for a more effective exchange. Just dropping them into a specific bucket of communication style and not compensating is exactly what the DISC is intended to avoid.

Once I figured out where my coworkers, friends, and family fell on the wheel, my relationships with friends, coworkers, and even my wife improved. Personally, I'm a high C high S. So I tended to ignore feelings and stick to facts. LOTS of facts. Too many for my boss to deal with (he's a high D/I). I learned to embrace change and ambiguity, and learned to be more direct and specific in instructing me.

The short of it is that finding out what people are is step one of ten. The rest is adjusting your behavior to reduce damaging conflict.


I administered this to six sales reps when I was a manager about 13 years ago. It was very good, but the math we had to go through to determine the outcome was mind boggling. I guess this is done by computer now.


Several years ago, I took it as member of compensation team. Almost everyone were either a high S or high C. Myself & one other person were high D's.

Due to our personalities; the two of us were assigned a greater number of projects or issues to troubleshoot than anyone else. Once things were up & running, we would hand off to the other team members. We thought it was a nice arrangement

Jason Lauritsen

Very cool move to share your DISC, although a move generally reserved for high I styles. Embrace the high D. I see a t-shirt in the future that says "My high D can kick your high D's butt."

Rock on KDunn.

Travis Smith

We also use the DISC with all final candidates of leadership positions (max two to three per available job). However, we use a company called Riverstone Organizational Advisors who uses the DISC within something called the TriMetrix which is predictive for job success. In order for it to be predictive, they do a job analysis of your company per position. Once they have the benchmark, then all future TriMetrix can be done as predictive. Not only can they do DISC and predictive success, they can also do team dynamics (ie. How will the team interact differently after hiring such and such? etc.). TTI has never once been involved in a lawsuit regarding this, and it is quite accurate. I believe it is great! If anyone is interested, they should give my friend a call, Phil Begley (contact info here: The information gained from them is much more complex and useful for the HR manager, even recruiter, than simply the DISC.

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