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So, I'm the new guy.  Starting a new job, life is full of promise and opportunity.  I'm with a great new company, some great people - the works.  Life is good.

One of the little perks that DAXKO offers is that we're open enough to offer employees a choice of whatSteve_jobs type of laptop they want.  You're a PC?  Of course, we can handle that.   You like the Mac?  We'll let you have that, if that's what you need.

How cool is that?  We'll let you be you, and support your platform without hesitation.  Unless you want an Acer laptop.  That's where we draw the line.

So coming into DAXKO I thought to myself, "You know, I've always heard how super it is to work off a Mac, so if DAXKO will provide that hardware to me, why wouldn't I give it a try and experience it?"  So after some quick research about how the windows environment was supported on the Mac (Windows still can run on the Mac, it's just a virtual session), it was on like Donkey Kong - I had a Mac the first day.

And that's basically where it went wrong for me.  After a lifetime of the PC platform, working off a Mac felt like I had moved from the Marriott to a funky little hostel on the outskirts of Amsterdam.  You know the type - the one with features that make it feel more authentic than the Marrott.  The 80 year-old faucets, small TV, etc.  The problem is that once you're used to Marriott, the "authenticity" of the hostel wears off the second time it takes three steps to do what used to take you one.

You want details?  No problem, I'll give you the top two:

-Mousepad on the MacBook Pro - no right and left click buttons.  Crippling to a long time PC user.

-No backspace button.  There's actually a "Delete" button that works like a backspace button, but there's no button that offers "delete" functionality.  So in order to delete text, you have to get to the point where you could backspace over text, then do that using the delete button.  So the delete button works like the backspace, but there no button that works like the delete button you're used to.  Which is where the Mac starts looking a lot like the funky hostel.  How do I get hot water? What's the number for the Marriott again?

There's much more, but I'll leave it at that.  If you're used to the Windows/Intel duopoly and are lucky enough (like me) to work for a company like DAXKO that lets you have it your way, my advice is simple:

Skip the Mac.

On a related note, as part of my season of change, I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone when I moved to DAXKO.  To show I'm not a total hater, allow me to modify my stance.

Get the iPhone, Skip the Mac.

My name is KD, and I'm a PC.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to jet to take back all these black, mock turtlenecks I bought a month ago at Banana Republic.  As it turns out, I won't be needing them.



Oh no Kris. I was a PC but am a confirmed Mac now. Tip for the right click on the MacBook Pro. Hold down ctrl on the keyboard and click the trackpad. There's that nice right click.


On the other hand, if you want to easily plug in and unplug external monitors (e.g. TV or projector) and have them work properly, get a Mac.

If you want to easily connect to other computers in your home network, including screen sharing and file access, get a Mac.

If you want to easily connect to a networked printer in a Mac household, get a Mac.

I could go on. I switched to a Mac a year and a half ago. Keyboard shortcuts are embedded in muscle memory and eventually are replaced with the Mac versions if you are so determined. You can right click (two fingers on the trackpad or Ctrl-click) and Backspace (Fn-Delete). But the underlying frustrations with Windows (like the near impossibility of getting my Dell to display on my TV, or connect to a networked printer) means that I will gladly leave Windows behind.

Mark Ervin

Yeah, I think the Hostel/Hotel analogy was a bit off. I think it's more like you went from your bedroom as a five year old (where everybody tells you everything to do) to living on your own in NYC. Sure, there's an upside to having mom clean for you and going to bed at 8:30 because that's what Daddy says, but wouldn't it be a lot more fun to go out and have a beer when you want to?

John-Lee H

You're using a new macbook pro? You can ctrl click to get a right click, but the easiest thing to do is to just click with TWO fingers. You can also scroll by moving two fingers vertically on the mousepad.

The Multitouch pad makes me happy. You'll never want the right click button again.

Tracy Tran

Can you ask a Windows person to get refunded that you switch back to a PC again?

I have tried the Mac and there's a lot of things you have to learn. I'm a PC guy as well and I'm fine with it.

As well, get the iPhone, but I'm waiting next year when all providers have the iPhone and switch to Verizon next year so I can call people in the subway.


"to right click just stand on your head and press the Apple key and open your mouth just enough to get you foot in it".

Macs are for the computer illiterate. iPhones are for people that can't use Google. Nuff said.


My name is SF, and I'm a PC.


People get way to passionate about this Mac vs. PC thing. I use both and think DAXKO has it right in this case... pick the one you prefer and then use it. Why do people feel a need to have everyone else agree with their own preference?

Jason McCay

Honestly, my disappointment with you post is that your approach going in was that the Mac should work completely parallel to your Windows experience. So, instead of embracing change and acknowledging that there would be a learning curve, you seemed to quickly dismiss the Mac as something that you could not become comfortable with. Surely you know that change is not always easy. :)

Using a Mac is different. It is better, but different. If you want to dance, then you'd better learn how.

Macs, while not for everyone, are certainly well-thought-out and, in using one of your illustrations, the thought of having to go back to clicking a secondary button instead of just using two fingers on my trackpad seems much less elegant and natural.

Hopefully, you will hang in there and discover that there is elegance and a rewarding experience in using Macs and their operating system and you will become an assimilated fanboy...because that's what Steve wants. :)


pffft. My question is why you'd want to use Windows on a Mac in the first place? If you want a PC, use a PC. If you want a Mac, use a Mac. I easily switch back and forth from one to the other.

But I prefer the Mac.


I've been there and I agree with your stance. There are undoubtedly arenas where a mac has to be better, but it is not in my particular HRLand. I very quickly tired of making three moves to accomplish one aim. I also felt that the amount of system information quickly at hand was much less. Alas, my name is MM and I'm a PC.


I've been trying to post a comment for the last five minutes but I'm trying to decide if I want to join partypoker, buy viagara, and make $500/hour on the internet.

YAY for PC popups!

i'm a pc at work and a mac the rest of the time, although im willing to admit that bright and shiny things also tend to capture my attention easily.


It's clear that you haven't learned the language of the Mac (the beautiful beautiful language). Not that you have to. But isn't it better to be multi-op system-lingual?

If you configure your track pad properly it will become your favorite thing in the world. One finger tap to left click, tap with two fingers to right click. To scroll (side to side or up and down) use two fingers.

It's like magic.

That said a mixed Mac and PC workplace sounds like a bit of a pain. Too much overhead for my sensibility. We Mac users all speak PC anyway.

And I've never run Windows on my Mac, but I don't understand why anyone would. That's like spreading caviar on Wonderbread.

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