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The Final Four - The HRC/FOT Talent Management Blog Rankings...(Vote Now!!)

Welcome the Round 3 (Regional Finals) of the March Madness version of the HR Carnival!  Who's the Cinderella Story going to be?March madness   Who's Duke, who's UConn?  Who is Butler?  Who is Dick Vitale?

Instead of asking our staff at the HRC/FOT to vote on the blogs, we're doing a a web poll and asking the participants and readers to vote on the head-to-head match ups. We’ll start with the round of 32, and then move to the rounds of 16, 8, 4 and then of course, the final match up. Winners move on, survive and advance. 

Below are the results from the last round and the final four matchups (semi-finals), and we've linked to the blog and used the submitted post as a "highlight" to satisfy the Carnival feature (highlights of everyone's work).  Have fun!  Remember, anyone can win.  You just need a dream, a jump shot, and of course, an aggressive audience that will vote for you..

Before we get to the final four - here are the results from round 3:

Game #25 - HR Thoughts defeated The Recruiter's Lounge, 61 - 39%

Game #26 - Talented Apps defeated Taleo, 58 - 42%

Game #27- Your HR Guy defeated HR Observations, 67 - 33%

Game #28 - The HR Capitalist defeated HR Bartender, 60 - 40% 

The margins between blogs in each match up are getting larger, as are the vote counts - and we have a lot of pure HR blogs making it through, which has made us pause a bit to wonder if our readers are more on the HR fringe than on the recruiting fringe. What do you think?

For the final four, we're going to open up the polls for 14 hours of voting - polls will close at 8pm EST on Monday - and then we move on to the finals. (Email subscribers, click through below to make your picks!) And with that, here are your final four matches!

Vote Now!!


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