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March Madness - Round 2 (Sweet Sixteen!) of the Talent Management Blog Ranking Contest...

Welcome the Round 2 of the March Madness version of the HR Carnival!  Who's the Cinderella Story going to be?March madness   Who's Duke, who's UConn?  Who is Butler?  Who is Dick Vitale?

Instead of asking our staff at the HRC/FOT to vote on the blogs, we're doing a a web poll and asking the participants and readers to vote on the head-to-head match ups. We’ll start with the round of 32, and then move to the rounds of 16, 8, 4 and then of course, the final match up. Winners move on, survive and advance. 5 rounds in all, 2 days to vote on all the matchups in each round (10 total business days in the tournament).

Below are the second round match-ups (round of 16), and we've linked to the blog and used the submitted post as a "highlight" to satisfy the Carnival feature (highlights of everyone's work).  Have fun!  Remember, anyone can win.  You just need a dream, a jump shot, and of course, an aggressive audience that will vote for you..

RULES AND THOUGHTS BEHIND THE HR CAPITALIST/FOT MARCH MADNESS:  The brackets have been set up to be as balanced as possible, and #1 Seeds were determined by the results of the last Talent Management Blogs Rankings over at Fistful of Talent.  While we've listed each post submitted as part fo the HR Carnival as a "highlight" to the side of the blog, we're not mandating you vote for the strength of that individual post, because we know no one reads all the submissions to every Carnival.  Instead, we're simply asking you to vote for the blog you believe is the strongest in each matchup.  If the post highlight influences that, more power to that blogger. 

Second Round March Madness Matchups for the HR Carnival/FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings are as follows. Voting begins now for Round 2 match ups and will go through 12noon EST on Wednesday - so get your game face on and get ready! 

The "Shaquille O'Neal Twitter Account" Regional:

Game #17 - The Recruiter's Lounge (highlight post here) VS. Renegade HR (highlight)

Game #18 - jessica lee writes (highlight) VS HR Thoughts (highlight)

The "Dick Vitale Needs to Shut the **** Up" Regional

Game #19 - Cheezhead (highlight) VS Talented Apps (highlight)

Game #20 - Punk Rock HR (highlight) VS Taleo (highlight)

The "Our Team Stinks But You'll Work For Us After You Grow Up" Regional

Game #21 - Find + Attract (highlight) VS HR Observations (highlight)

Game #22 - Cincy Recruiter (highlight) VS Your HR Guy (highlight)

The "AIG Wrote a Check in 2008 But Couldn't Back Out of the Sponsorship Because They Were Legally Bound" Regional

Game #23 - The Recruiter Guy (highlight) VS HR Bartender (highlight)

Game #24 - Jason Seiden (highlight) VS The HR Capitalist (highlight)



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