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Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm just a simple caveman.  Your complex formulas and digital mashups? Well...they frighten me!  SoGeico imagine my surprise and trepidation when the folks over at RiseSmart listed the Capitalist as #22 on their Career 100 list

So, I broke into the Top 25, much like UAB hoops after a 5 game winning streak, but before going to Memphis for its annual John Calipari-inspired whipping and DE-top 25ing.  Here's hoping it goes better for me in the RiseSmart poll moving forward.  Thanks for the mention, RiseSmart!

PS - if you love stats, take a look at the ranking system.  Word has it they're thinking about adding the BMI of each primary blogger and scoring it from most fit to least fit in their points system.  I'll spare you whether that would help me or not.  Let's just say I've got mad lanky game...


Meg Bear

get them to take it to the people, turns out I got a great voting machine over here ;-)

Hayli @ RiseSmart

Simple caveman, the fact is no business blog list would be complete without recognizing your mad skills. Long live witty pop culture analogies!

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