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Reader Feedback Requested - Should I Make the HR Capitalist the Pure HR Version of FOT?

Hi Gang - I need your feedback on the the future of the HR Capitalist.  Here are your choices:

--OPTION #1 - Everything stays the same.  I write a lot, sometimes it's good, sometimes it sucks, but you get the good old college try every day.  Lots of pop culture and sports connections embedded.  It's who I am, so why try to fight it?  I have nothing but energy, so I'm not going anywhere.

--OPTION #2 - I move the HR Capitalist to the multi-contributor format I use over at Fistful of Talent.  If I go this direction, I'd go out and find the sharpest 12 HR pros I could find in America and mix their voices with mine.  I still contribute to the Capitalist 3-4 times a week, but in addition to me you get other snarky voices delivering "first-run", exclusive content to the Capitalist 4-5 times a week. 

So those are the options - what say ye?  The motivation behind the possible change is the good times I'm having with the crew over at Fistful of Talent (FOT).  FOT's been up and running since April 2008, and I love the team we have.  Some of the best professionals I've met, and a classy yet snarky, talented group to boot.  The kind of people I like to hang out with.

So selfishly, I'd love to be a part of another team like that, because I get a lot of energy from being around cool people, and I think the possibility exists to do it all over again with nothing but upscale, pure HR pros. 

But I don't want to kill the goose. What do you think?  Do you want Han Solo, VP of HR, or the whole crew from the Millennium Falcon? 

Hit me in the comments or privately with an email (hrcapitalist@gmail.com) to tell me what you think.  Your opinion matters to me...



Option 1 -- no doubt.


Option 2

Michael D. Haberman, SPHR

Well since you have nothing but energy, keep HR Capitalist as the "voice" of Kris Dunn and then start Option 2 as well.

Hayli @ RiseSmart

We already have Option 1 in FOT, so why not keep HRC the way it is so we can have our cake and eat it too! I personally love the pop culture refs and dig some of the sports refs too. If you recruit 12 HR pros, just make sure they reference pop culture in each post. ;)

Lisa Rosendahl

Stand alone. The HR Capitalist is Kris Dunn and Kris Dunn is the one and only HR Capitalist.

Suzanne Rumsey

option 1

Andy Headworth

Option 1

You are what you are including the sport! (Just out of interest, using the Millenium Falcon analogy - who is represented by Chewbacca? LOL)

Lance Haun

I think you need to keep it the same. You can skip a day from time to time too you know :)

Michael Wolfe

I agree with Lisa Rosendahl and Lance Haun...


I like option #1. I love reading the Capitalist every day!


Selfishly I vote for Option 1 - HR Capitalist is my favourite HR blog


You are the brand! I'm not against an occasional 'substitute’ or outside perspective, but the pop culture/sports/gen X humor is what brings me back (and the great content). Option #1 please.


I like your snarky voice, and although I also like FOT, HRCapitalist has more of an individual personality than FOT (Except when Jessica Lee is on - Ms Personality!)

Joel Kimball

#1. You have 2 unique brands that work, an adoring public...why mess with success. Solid.


Option 2. I think FOT has generally better content because it is written by multiple contributers, but its Recruiting-centric.

Now if you can get Punk Rock HR to contribute to HR Capitalist that would truly be a powerhouse combination.

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