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I’m the host of the next HR Carnival, and in the endless quest for themes to freshen this thing up, I think I’ve got a good one – we’re deeming the March 4th HR Carnival MARCH MADNESS, a hat tip to the coming college basketball craziness that will consume America for most of the month.

Here’s how it’s going to work – you submit your post for inclusion into the carnival as normal, and we’llBracket use your post and your blog to announce a MARCH MADNESS bracket with all submissions that will serve as the HR Carnival for March 4. At the same time, we’re gong to reach out to any blogs that have received votes in the past Talent Management Blog Rankings over at Fistful of Talent and encourage them to submit a posting for the carnival. Our goal is to have up to 65 blogs represented (that’s the number of teams that make the NCAA college basketball tournament).

But it doesn’t stop by merely announcing the MARCH MADNESS field for the HR Carnival of March 4. After we let you know who’s included in the MARCH MADNESS HR Carnival through the expected post on March 4, we’ll use the bracket we create for that day to run our next installment of the Talent Management Blog Rankings over at Fistful of Talent. Instead of asking our staff at FOT to vote on the blogs, we’ll do a web poll and ask the participants and readers to vote on the head to head match ups. We’ll start with the round of 64, and then move to the rounds of 32, 16, 8, 4 and then of course, the final match up. Winners move on, survive and advance. 6 rounds in all, 2 days to vote on all the matchups in each round (12 total business days in the tournament).

Make sense?  No?  Winner takes all.  There's no tomorrow.  It's do or die.  <insert tired sports cliche here>

Since we’re being market-based on this one, we’ll allow the FOTers to include their blogs as well. You can engage your audience and have them vote as well.

Who’s ready? Send me a link to a recent blog post you're proud of by February 27 to hrcapitalist@gmail.com


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