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If you get to know me, I'm many things.  Among those things:

--I'm a talent pro who loves finding people who are good at what they do, and passionate about their craft.

--I'm a guy who played a lot of basketball, and like all white guys who played hoops at the college level, I liked rap a lot at one point in my life.  It kind of goes with the territory. 

Those two things make me uniquely qualified to judge Joaquin Phoenix and the stage he's going through.  You didn't hear?  Phoenix is giving up acting, because he's got a bigger mission in life - he wants to become a hip-hop star. 

More on the next Eminem/celebrity train wreck from David Germain of the AP:

"Joaquin Phoenix says there's no hoax about it: He really has given up acting to become a hip-hopJoquin phoenix musician.

Phoenix has been spending his time laying down tracks for a rap album in the recording studio he built at his home, the two-time Academy Award nominee said Tuesday in an interview to promote what he claims is his final movie, "Two Lovers."

After video hit the Internet last month capturing part of Phoenix's debut rap performance at a Las Vegas club, speculation swirled that he was perpetrating an elaborate practical joke.

"I don't know where that comes from," Phoenix said. "If it comes from people that I've had a falling out with, that are (ticked) off at me?"

The video shows Phoenix, in a long, scraggly beard, rapping nearly inaudibly and ends with him losing his footing and falling off the stage. It was an inauspicious start, but Phoenix was adamant that his hip-hop career is real."

Joaquin... I feel your pain.  At one point, I wanted to be Eric B/Rakim, KRS-One or Jam Master Jay.  I'm now a VP of HR. Of course, I was 20 at the time and you have the decided advantage of unlimited money and time to chase your dream, along with the fact that your celebrity will allow you to be booked for gigs as you work through your own personal "8-mile".

From a talent perspective, it's a train wreck.  Note to those with talent.  Find your niche, nurture it, keep it warm and yield the results of your singular focus in the years to come.  Don't make the mistake of thinking your talents are generalist in nature and transferable to any industry.

I don't want to crush dreams and hard work. Some industries you can transfer your skills to, yes.  But hip-hop?  Please...

Still, love the crazy beard you're sporting, Joaquin.  You look like Ted Kaczynski on the cover of Time or Rick Rubin in the 99 Problems video he did with Jay-Z. 

You'll need all the props you can find in lieu of actual hip-hop talent... Well played...


Hayli @ RiseSmart

Great post - love how you "careerify" all things pop culture. That was a really bizarre interview on Letterman though - I don't remember Phoenix being that hateful. His ARSE test results would be way off the charts now.

Jason Pankow

KD, you saw him on Letterman, right? Either this whole this is a prank, or there is something wrong with the guy.

Michelle Rafter

Jason P. beat me to it. You need to see JP's performance on Letterman. It does seem like an elaborate hoax a la Ashton Kutcher & Punk'd.

Dawn Hrdlica

I'm speechless. . . .and speechlessness is a complete anomoly for Dawn (Ms. Hrdlica if your Nasty. . . ).

Wuuuuhhh. . . I'm shaking the JP thing off. Personnally--I think it's a hoax. However, is it really any different than the new grad who comes up to me at a job fair with no experience (aka hip hop chops), a Fat MBA (a huge fat paycheck from the risiduals JP got for Signs), and when asked "What line of work are looking for" the reply---"I wanna Manage". "Manage what" I say. "Don't know---just Manage". sigh, says I. . . sigh.

Now I will always give a new grad a) the benefit of the doubt and b) the benefit of my expertise to help them and c) a chance at a job if they are qualified. Also, a new grad is still exploring. It is entirely possible that the grad really doesn't know what he wants to manage.

But. . . how about baby steps friends. . baby steps. Your dream job. . . aka--hip hop stardom----could happen. (Mr Kris Dunn. . .crusher of dreams. . . aka Simon Cowell). But nothin' in this world comes for free. Not even all the moo-la JP stashed from Signs and Gladitor will by him credibility or longevity. Only time will. . . .

Kris Dunn

JP/Michelle/Dawn -

Dudes, the act that he's crazy that suggest it all might be a hoax is classic CYA behavior for someone like this in the public eye.

Act unstable, and you have options. If the rap career doesn't go well, then heck, you were just joking. If it goes well, you roll with that and no one ever knows you were hedging.

Possibility of a HOAX = Cover for being humiliated if they only knew the truth - I really think I am 50 Cent....


Dawn Hrdlica

The JP rapping hoax/ reality/ miserable failure/ pipedream is all worth it to me for one thing. . . . the crazy beard, friends, the crazy beard. KD--that may be a look for you. . . . if it doesn't work---you can always say it was a hoax. . . lol

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