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VIDEO - Jessica Lee Doesn't Like the EFCA (and you shouldn't either)

My buddy Jessica Lee (of Fistful of Talent fame) has a video blog up at her personal site regarding the bogusly-named (if it's not a word, I'm creating it) Employee Free Choice Act, otherwise known as the EFCA. 

Nice work, JLee.  You're credible on video, and while I'm CRUSHED that you didn't include me in the rundown of people who have been venting about the craziness of this bill, I'm thrilled you've decided to become active in speaking out against this anti-employee, anti-business bill that may become law in 2009.

For those of you not in the know, the EFCA (Proposed by the Democratic party) will actually remove the right to a confidential vote for/against a union representing workers in the workplace.  It doesn't give rights to individual employees, it actually takes them away.  See my full rundown at Workforce early this year here, and be sure to hit the links that Jessica provided here, here, here, and here.

Then put the cheetos down (I'm currently eating them as I write this, bad for the keyboard), and tell 4 other HR pros about the details of what the EFCA would mean, and be active in whatever JLee's cooking up, per her video notes below.


jessica lee

LOL. i didn't realize you did this. hahahaha. thanks for highlighting the issue.

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