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I Just Graduated From Western Governors "U"... Will You Hire Me?

Earlier in 2008, I asked the question all of us have wondered - "Online Degrees - the Real Deal or Diploma Mills?".  In that post, I ranked the educational options available and encouraged folks that if they were going to get an online diploma, it's still better to get it from a school that has a reputation as a bricks and mortar school as well. 

One of the things I talked about in that post is that learning is a state of mind as much as it is a program.  You just have to be ready to convey the value of what you learned to someone who cares - like an interviewer.  That means an online degree can still work, you just have to be able to communicate what you learned and how you will/have used it.

Still, if you threw up the name "Western Governors University" on a resume, I'm automatically thinking diploma mill that isn't credible - and I'd be wrong.

More on good old WGU from Time:

"Established 11 years ago by the governors of 19 states, the virtual university--which is administered from Salt Lake City--has experienced a surge in admissions as more college students look for low-cost alternatives. Enrollment topped 10,000 last spring, growing at a rate of 40% in both 2006 and 2007.

Some 4 million Americans sign up for a distance-learning course each year, whether at an Online degreeextension of a bricks-and-mortar institution or at an online-only school. Although the latter category is populated mostly by for-profit companies, WGU stands out as a nonprofit funded mainly by tuition and the $20 million in seed money supplied by those 19 governors. To help bolster its reputation, the school obtained accreditation from both regional standard bearers and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the professional body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for certifying teacher-preparation programs. (WGU remains the only online institution that has NCATE's seal of approval.) Such moves were designed to "lend WGU more legitimacy as an educational institution," says Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, who helped found the school when he was governor of Utah.

Today WGU is the nation's largest supplier of math and science teachers in urban school districts. The school's success is owed in large part to its competency-based approach. Instead of requiring that students take specific courses or amass a certain number of credit hours--as most colleges do--WGU asks only that students demonstrate mastery of the subject matter via online exams or papers that could take a day or a decade, depending on the student.

At $3,000 per six-month semester, WGU charges a sixth of the average annual tab at private four-year colleges and half as much as an online for-profit like the University of Phoenix, a mega virtual school that has some 200,000 students. And WGU lets you take as many courses as you can fit in a semester, which means some students are able to finish an undergraduate degree in as little as two years."

It's a good story, and while I'm always skeptical of someone getting a full undergraduate degree in two years, WGU should work harder to get the word out to recruiters and HR folks, so we don't penalize the graduates of their institution.  I'd start with the fact that WGU remains the only online institution that has NCATE's seal of approval.  Also, if you're going to get a degree from on online school, it makes sense to get it in a trade where there always seems to be a shortage - like pharmacy technician training.

After all, if the University of Phoenix can separate themselves from the online pack, why can't a university founded by a group of governors?



I'll hire someone from an on-line school. I went to both types of schools and graduated with an on-line degree from Baker College. It was tough work. I didn't have the option of taking basket weaving and other plush courses to get through. I worked twice as hard in a shorter amount of time to get my grades. Let me talk to someone who went to a brick and mortar school and see what fun they had compared to every night of homework I had.


Did they pay you to write this? WGU sucks!

Dustin Lyle

No... They didn't pay him to write that... That is an actual article from Time magazine. And as a Columbia MBA with a B.A. in HR, I sure as hell will hire someone who has the determination to complete an online program; If its accredited that is. What it tells me is, they wanted the education, not the college experience. They passed up on the binge drinking, partying, etc.. And also have less debt then the average college grad... This makes an employee who is less worried about making his student loan payment and can more focus on work while at work.


hi Dustin and Alicia..
it's very reassuring to see responses like yours.. and that makes me believe in schools like WGU.

I am really busy at work and so i think that schools like WGU would be perfect to attain my long wanted degree..


I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Science Education from WGU, I have a job, and I was accepted into a prestigious graduate school to complete a higher degree in school counseling. I think that as long as you are able to demonstrate what you learned at your college, you will find a job. And for the record, online courses are much more rigorous than those in actual classrooms. You can't just hide in the back and pass. Your education is what you make of it.

valerie N.

Thanks for the positives comments regarding WGU. I am a RN am planning to enroll in the RN-MSN program. My concerns are regarding the teaching methods and academic support. Can anybody clarify what " Competency based learning " entails?
A serious student.


"Competency based learning" means you have to take an assessment test to see if you have an understanding of the subject matter. If you do well on the test, then you don't have to take a course in that subject. This can help you "place out" of prerequisites in math and language courses, for instance, and focus on the courses at the core of the curriculm for your degree.

Michael Hartman

I am currently a student at WGU, returning to college after many years. I hold a BS degree in business administration and an MS degree in counseling. I just finished my first semester as an undergraduate accounting major. So far I enjoy the program and my mentor checks in periodically to make sure I'm meeting requirements for my degree. I would strongly recommmend WGU to others


I would just like to say, I have been in the "degree mill" schools before, and I definately notice a difference in WGU. I also am please to hear from potential employers, exactly what we are told before signing up: it's hard, but it will pay off and people will notice. I would just like to clarify "competency based learning"- While yes, you basically can test out of ALL of your classes, based upon a pretest. This will help you focus on the areas of that particular class you need to study up on, if any. But more impotantly what it means is that you actually understand what you have learned. While many schools focus on teaching you how to take a test, WGU focuses on you being "competent" in all areas of your degree. You really only have one test in most classes, and maybe a COUPLE graded assignments. You can't fail the tests and pass on your attendance and homework busy work like you could at a traditional school. You need to KNOW your stuff to graduate.

Aurora H.

I guess attending an online college has its risks and benefits. It is like larning to swim ;I may drown or I may master my back stroke. I'm just going to jump in the water, do the best I can, and become the best teacher I can be!


I can relate to Valarie--May 13, 2010 comment,i am pursuing my RN- MSN into education, and needing to make exact decisions. The situation is i have started at UOP and almost half way through, I enjoy the ciriculuum , but the tuition is outrageous. I am so pleased to read favorable reviews on WGU. I just hope if my decision is for WGU that my graduate will transfer. Loverna

Ted Nolen

To the person who "was accepted into a prestigious graduate school" come on, tell us what school this actually is. Otherwise it doesn't have any credibility. Please give specific information. Please.

D Harris

I went to a brick and mortar college for 3 yrs and then had to enter the work force early due to a lack of funds for some family members. Now several yrs later I'm a father and have a family to care for, I'm looking to finish my degree to assist in some forms of security. Currently I'm looking at WGU, Charter Oak State College and Thomas Edison State College. My major concern is now that I have my GI Bill I can afford to go for an MBA as well. But I want an AACSB certified MBA froma a respectable college. So which one of these online colleges will get me into a a respectable graduate school? That's my issue. I would like to hear from the WGU grad who's in a graduate school now. What school was it? How did WGU prep you for grad school? etc. Any help would be great!

Troy Whorten

With motivation and discipline you can really do well at WGU. I finished my BS in Finance in two years, put in one more term and got my BS in Accounting. I got the job I wanted as an appraiser (along with a fat raise) and am just starting my MBA online through Auburn University.


thanks for your page
I am currently researching signing up for WGU for HR. sounds really impressive being accredited by all four national accrediting agencies and being prepared for a job as a HR manager or director. That is my desired position. Skeptical at first, but since my employer will accept my degree from them, it should really be a no=brainer for me. I am now assured to go with them after reading your blog. thanks again


D Harris,
I am really glad to hear that Auburn University accepts WGU's degrees. It is reassuring to know that!

Daniel Saadipour

I already have a BS. in Mathematics which I received from a traditional class-room type school along time ago, I am thinking about enrolling in the MBA-Health care management program of WGU, I have also been running several different type of businesses of my own in the past twenty years, so I know a thing or two about the business aspect of this major, but I have no experience in the health-care field, I would like some suggestions, or opinions from people who are presently taking courses, or have graduated from this field, and are familiar with this major at WGU. Are you advising for, or against it? And why? Also what is the marketability of this field in the real (JOB WORLD), Thanks for all your info.......... Daniel

Wgu sucks

I know this post is old, just want to chime in. I was going to WGU for a little while whilst I was in the military. Word of advice to veterans seeking to go to WGU.......DONT!!!!!!!! They're all hunky dory while they're getting money directly from the govt (tuition assistance) but the minute they have to do ANY leg work to verify you with the VA you're screwed. It's been 2 years since I was forced to leave that horrible institution and I'm still dealing with the consequence! WGU is a horrible school...word of advice, get a cheaper degree from some community college and the rest of the real education you can learn for free from he Internet and doing your research

Joey Coakley

@Wgu Sucks: No offense, but why would an institution keep you around if they are losing money to keep you? The representatives that I have worked with have bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of, but I have realistic expectations of what MY responsibilities are. Additionally, the point of going to a college like WGU is to have a degree worth the paper it's printed on. If you're seeking specifically the knowledge you'll gain from a community college, then great - but for those of us who need validation of our knowledge in the workforce, a community college degree just won't do. In terms of the price of a respected degree, you won't find one much cheaper than that offered at WGU.


I am trying to do some research about WGU. I have a BSN and want to persue MSN. I am excited about their tuition and that i can complete the program as fast as i want. I am just not sure if it is a good idea to take it online from WGU. I dont know if their quality of education is as good as some traditional class based schools. I really want to hear from some who have attended this school or this program. Would i have problem finding a job later or have my degree equally recognized as other so called good big schools


WGU to me appears to be a rare exception to the rule. I'm 25 and I'm finishing an certification currently in web design. I've been a self taught designer and I'm just starting to find success with being employed full time over the last year doing design work and seeing some serious up tick in my freelance work.

As any designer will tell you your portfolio is the most important and ultimately I don't need a degree to be successful in my field. But the simple truth of the matter is that makes me nervous or feel like I'm assuming too much. Freelance work ebbs and flows as all designers know. And I like the idea that I can find full time work rather easily and supplement it with freelance or even work part time to keep steady work during the slow times and supplement it with freelance work.

Regardless I've been looking at pursuing a degree in marketing since this is a secondary passion of mine to design and something I'm constantly integrating. Whereas a design degree would generally be wasted on me considering my extensive experience. But I have always had misgivings about college since I feel they don't really have the best interests of their students in mind anymore. So many schools have outrageous tuition and churn out idiots. I guarantee I can work in a business place better than a majority of graduates. Sadly the system is broken and most likely will never be fixed. But WGU is a small beacon of hope. Degrees based upon competency, what a novel idea! If you did this in a tradition school half of them would flunk out. I've always felt you learn more from experience and collective knowledge than you do from just simply reading a book and answering questions. As such I love this approach and I love that people actually are giving it credit. Hopefully this will catch on. But schools won't like people dipping into their cash cow so it likely won't. That and too many people have stodgy ideas about pedigree and accreditation that is quickly becoming outdated and illogical. I'm applying today and look forward to learning more. I hope this will be the degree for me.


I earned my BS in marketing management from WGU in 2009. At the time, WGU was the only school I could afford that could get me the (accredited) degree I wanted/needed to move out of the cubicle farm that was crushing my soul. Near the end of my final term I began to think about graduate school. My positive experience with online learning at WGU taught me first and foremost that learning is about your own efforts far more than it is about what someone else (a professor, a boss, a colleague) is going to GIVE you. In May 2011, I finished my MBA from the University of Michigan. People who take the time out of their lives to troll the internet and grind their axes about the quality of schools they don't attend should consider finding a hobby - perhaps one of their self-approved colleges will have some courses of interest to fill the free hours of their day. Best of luck to you all.

A Facebook User

I have read every single comment in this thread-- positive and negative both.

I have been doing reams of research on schools as I am set to go back to get my MBA-Healthcare Administration. After separating the wheat from the chaff, guess which institute of higher learning tops my list? That's right, WGU.

Is WGU the best school on my list? Doubtful. I investigated Harvard, Georgetown, and a variety of other schools. Is WGU the worst? Not even close. Is it the most affordable? Well, yeah... but that is not the sole reason I chose WGU.

Nobody at US News and World Report was paid by the school to write a great piece: http://www.usnews.com/articles/education/online-education/2010/11/04/the-nonprofit-approach-to-online-education.html
Nor anyone at the Economist: http://www.economist.com/node/21541398/

Or NBC News: http://www.wgu.edu/sites/wgu.edu/files/images/NBC_News_sidebar.png

And on...and on...http://www.wgu.edu/about_WGU/wgu_news

This is a new world we live in. Online education is here to stay. And WGU stands at the top of the heap. I look forward to the rewards I will reap as a result of completing my education at WGU.


I am currently attending a school that has an actual building. I of course am prejudice towards this type of school. I also feel that the quality of education would be better from an physical school. I may be wrong, who knows. I do know that I would like Alicia (the first comment) to go ahead and line up with me toe to toe academically speaking, since I apparently have just fun times to talk about . . .

This type of school is for adults. That is the difference. Not everyone has the ability to up and quit to become a full time student. This type of education is mainly good for getting a promotion/raise, which is what most people care about. It serves it's purpose. Most people attending these types of colleges are not premed, not potential engineers, not anything of the sort, but usually lower to mid-level people and looking for a bump.


You have to be careful with WGU since they only do pass or fail no letter grades and no GPA's. I know one lady whose employer would not reimburse her tuition expense because they do not recognize WGU as a legimate source of education. If you chose to get your BSN from WGU and then go to another university for your MSN chances are good it will not be excepted. Also not all instructors are degreed educators some are attending WGU themselves - this is why they are called mentors. If it sounds to good to be true sometimes it is. Be Careful!!


@Kristen, so they wouldn't accept Brown either? They use pass/fail as well. And where are you pulling this bunk about their instructors (which they don't have, they use mentors) are not "degreed educators?" They require a Masters in the subject in order to be a mentor, so if they have that how are they not "degreed", whatever that means.


I am currently enrolled at WGU in the Bachelor of Science, Information Technology program. I am married and have 4 children.

I have been in the IT field for 7 years. I am a Navy veteran and in my opinion WGU is a very Military friendly school. Basically, I haven't had any issue with GI Bill processing etc.

This school is outstanding for IT folks. However, this school is not for most people coming straight out of high school. It does require a lot of discipline and personal responsibility. Student's who need face to face interaction etc. will probably not do very well at WGU. However, if you are a highly motivated, mature, and responsible you will do well at WGU.

Thanks Jesus for WGU! I love it!


WGU as stated by the last comment is not a school for everybody. I have been to a regular nursing school and had instructors read the slides word for word on the screen. Moreover, the school will not give you the opportunity to do your best. They logged everybody together, do not care who is failing or not or how to encourage or mentor somebody to help them achieve their dreams. They believe you have to operate and flow with the group. I have a degree before and I like very much to learn at my own pace. Most of the people that do well are very young students most of whom still lives with their mama or do not have responsibilities. It is very difficult to go to school and still take care of family lives at the same time, that is why I think WGU is a good opportunity for people like me who prefers to learn at my own pace while taking care of my family not by going with the crowd. It is not a race for better or worse. Everyone will definitely get to the destination; With God all things are possible!

The Ex

I know someone who lied about their previous degree and education, was still admitted and "earned" a masters in education. I put " earned" because this person wasn't the actual person writing papers and completing the online education but who was the wiser since no one from WGU knew who was actually on the other side of the Internet connection. This person truly has no real education to speak off and is now employed in a public school teaching our children? Buyer, or employer and the recipient of the employer's services, BEWARE!!!
How do I know this? Because I was the one who was aiding this phony! Big regret; huge mistake.


To Ex: I am currently a student at WGU and I am not sure how this was possible. So far, I have had to use a webcam for 2 assessments. When the proctor could not see my keyboard or the whole area, they completely cut the session, I had to call a designated facility.They had me reposition the camera and made me even remove the non required pencils from the area before the assessment restarted. For another assessment, I was required to go to a large university in my city and show a picture I.D. and be supervised for a test.
When I applied, they checked all of my previous credits from other schools and they only accepted a few compared to the 56 credits that I had. Sounds to me like your post is a scam against WGU. As far as I am concerned, it has been the best program for an online education. By the way, my employer approved my program and even called The University of TN to make sure they would accept my undergrad. They had absolutely no problem accepting WGU. I work for a large healthcare company with a great reputation and if they encouraged me and approved then I have absolutely no issues with WGU!


I am looking into obtaining my BS in Accounting with the long-term goal to become a CPA. Western Governors University has a great accounting program. In addition, they are regionally and nationally accredited. However, they use a non-standard approach in monitoring student progress - so called "competency" units, which can be converted in semester units on transcripts, but they do not provide a letter grade. Can anyone please tell me if students from Western Governors University are eligible to sit for CPA exam?

Abdirahman Dahir

I have been searching for cheap, quality education for awhile and I have come across WGU many times. I finally decided to attend WGU because they are in a different league when it comes to affordability, reliability, and recognition.

My best friend graduated from the University of Washington with BS in Economics. Even though he is happy with the degree he got from UW, he is not pleased with the price tag. He told me it would take a decade or more for him to pay off his debt.

Affordability is what many universities are lacking. With WGU I can spend about $12k and get my degree and that is what matters to me the most since I have three kids to provide for. If someone have the money to go to prestigious school, let them do so. I have nothing but respect for them. However, it saddens me to hear from people who are jealous about WGU's affordability.

I think we don't have to break the bank to be educated. Education should be free in this country to start with and WGU would get me close to paying nothing. I appreciate the opportunity to be educated and debt free at the same time. Now, we can all agree to disagree. And I prefer to go my way! Thanks for the thoughtful posts presented here.

Hospice RN

The one question No one has talked about is the transfering of credits. Do other school accept the MSN, as a bridge program to FNP?

Aaron E Hoosier

Kris Dunn you are right on the money about WGU needing to work harder to get the word out about the level academic merit that their programs offers.

I just graduated with my Bachelors of Science In Human Resource Management.The reason why I picked WGU was bout of the fact that students in the HR program must take and pass either the PHR exam or the Assurance in Learning exam to complete their program specific requirements toward graduation. Also WGU is Regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Being regionally accredited is a big deal and it's not easy to get or keep.

Aaron E Hoosier

Hospice RN I am glad you asked that question. The pass fail is set up that you have to make at least a B to pass the class. So all passed courses are passed with at least a B. Now some Colleges and Universities may not take pass fail courses but if they are regionally accredited than you should have no problem getting most if not all of your courses transferred. I checked around at the State Universities in my area and they all accept my degree if I wanted to go into their Masters or PHd programs. I am not sure about nursing but just call them up and ask.


Someone posted a question above that I was wondering if anyone had an answer to.

"I am looking into obtaining my BS in Accounting with the long-term goal to become a CPA. Western Governors University has a great accounting program. In addition, they are regionally and nationally accredited. However, they use a non-standard approach in monitoring student progress - so called "competency" units, which can be converted in semester units on transcripts, but they do not provide a letter grade. Can anyone please tell me if students from Western Governors University are eligible to sit for CPA exam?"

My state requires 150 credit hours (among other requirements) but do these Competency Units count towards the 150 in general?

Also, I'd love to hear from someone who has obtained their BS Accounting from WGU to see where it took them.

Thanks in advance!


WGU is not as advertised. Your mentor is doing nothing but checking that you are making progress and not slacking off. Passing courses requires rigorous study on your own. If you get stuck, good luck. Try learning programming with no lecturing and no guidance. Try being told with each course that the key to success is to read the entire book (100's of pages), do all exercises, self-tests, etc. and take one big exam that determines whether you pass or fail. It is stressful. They advertise it as being "personalized" and "for working adults." Well, it's more work than my other degree. I spend more time on my courses than colleagues and friends attending a major state university and they wonder how I can do it. I feel I have no life and my credits apparently won't transfer to another school. So beware of WGU and online programs that don't teach you, they simply give you the materials and wish you luck. That's not learning. It borders on scam, IMO.

Branden Cyprian

So let me give you who are looking for some real information and not some cry baby venting like some of these so-called professionals are giving. I have done both, brick and mortar and WGU. As mentioned WGU is for the PROFESSIONAL, someone who is focused and has the willingness to learn, and not be spoon feed information. That is why you seem some of the people on here upset because WGU was not a choice they should have made (They needed bigger spoons, LOL). Everyone learns differently i respect that, just poking a little people are so cynical and negative these days STOP CRYING!. Let me give some real advice, in this world and business climate, the economy and your bills are not going to wait for you to spend four years to get an degree from a brick and mortar school whose educational material they are providing you is obsolete the second year of you attending! Not to mention a bunch of BS GE classes just to get money from you anyway... sorry but history classes dont help me with IT..just saying. With WGU i received my BS in IT: Network Management in design in 7 months! and not because it was microwave education, but because they where realistic and i did not have to do GE classes that would not benefit me. So while most are spending 4 years getting a degree in technology that has changed since they started school, i will have the job they dreamed of already and moved on. Be smart not cynical! Furthermore WGU is the only school, and i am speaking from IT standards that uses actually IT certifications as part of their degree program, which means they always are up to date, and not only are you receiving a degree, but you are gaining valuable certifications in the field, to elaborate more (as if i needed to) COST! 3035.00 even for 6 months of training, it is personalized! you choose your courses you want to do first, and if you finish them more quickly then 6 months you can add more, with no charge! Oh let me add more.... the mentors all have masters, so the comment above was not correct... and you have 2 mentors for every course... yes 2! Why one is your program mentor that checks in with you every week... on the phone you have to talk... no email check ins... then you have a different course mentor for every course, who specializes in that subject. Now do understand that those mentors are assigned to every person in that course, and there are usually multiple mentors for one course but do understand that person is not just assigned to you. Listen just because you sit down in a class room doesnt make you any better...or learn more.. that is an ignorant argument from ignorant people. Take it from a professional that works in the field and was working in the field before i start WGU... it is a great place! I loved it... you will find so many great reviews on the place... and it took me 2 years to decided to go there. My mentor said to me... it took you 2 years to do something that only took you 7 months, next time just pull the trigger... so to all of you reading this and trying to decided on WGU ... believe me it is a no brainier. I am going back for my Masters next month...in Information Security... because i already have technical certifications... it is only 9 more classes and i receive my Masters!!! I promise you... i would put and brick and mortar IT person under the table... and i say that with my CHEST because WGU is great. You only receive what you are prepared to ladies and gentlemen... if you are ready for school and you want and education... at the end of the day what you gain from it always depends on you anyway. WGU Grad OUT! Court is ADJOURNED! Verdict WGU BABY!


I'm now a working professional employed by a very well-known defense agency. I'm also a graduate of WGU. Along with many others, I was active duty in the US Air Force and moved too much, so changing universities regularly made it difficult when it came to credit transfers between schools. After CSU Chico told me that GE credits would not be accepted from University of Maryland I had enough and sought out WGU. The online option was one way to away with the suck of the transfer credit game. After WGU accepted credits from University of Maryland, CSU Chico, and CSU Berkley, I had only 9 courses to complete for a BS in IT. I can say that as a working professional the online system made it nice to complete my work while overseas, in a hotel, or at home in the evenings. Furthermore, the coursework was real, I had to discipline myself to get the work done, and it was a challenge.

Fast forward three years and a MBA from University of Texas, I can compare the two and honestly say that my WGU experience was nothing but good. It prepared me for the real work environment, gave me the skills needed to propel my career, and only enabled me to so easily obtain my MBA later down the road.


Thanks to everyone who posted here! I am about to finish two years at the University of Phoenix and am looking for a place to pursue my BS. The set-up of WGU is different from most schools, inlcuding UoP, so I am a little wary. I feel a littel better after reading everyone's posting.


I have gone to both brick and mortar and WGU, and I can absolutely say that WGU has a great program. I completed a BS in Accounting and am working on my MBA.

Is it for everyone? Absolutely not. Before beginning I had been running my own business for a dozen years. Self-direction and self-motivation were things I was very good at by the time I started.

When I attended brick and mortar I frequently had trouble showing up to class because it was a lot of irritation to wake up early, get dressed, drive to campus, and sit there listening to someone talk about something I already knew and understood - for hours. Every single day. So I'd end up missing classes, more and more until I would withdraw to avoid failing.

What I liked about WGU is they basically take a stance I can respect. The format basically says to you, 'So you think you know this already? Prove it and you can move on to the next class.' No homework, no required lectures, no having to show up to classes I didn't need, just a plain and simple challenge to show what you know or learn what you don't. Similar to CLEP where some are final proctored exams and others are more like large projects.

If you don't already have the knowledge to pass all the final tests/projects for the class, then you study the parts you don't know. Why anyone would WANT to waste time studying things they already know instead of skipping to things that are new... well, I just don't understand that I suppose.

In the long run, I love the WGU format. I can move fast in areas I have knowledge in, and if I don't know something I open up the course to that topic area and use the text and videos to learn it. Yes, it is very self-directed. If you know anyone who has done a PhD, it's very very similar.


I heard the application fee can be waived, if a current student refers... is this true?


Yes, Jess, the application fee can be waived if you have a student refer you.


Any clue how to have that last bit happen, Jennifer? I want to apply, but my wallet is extra-thin right now!


If you would like a referral I'd be happy to give you one. I just grad from WGU in the post bacc teachers prep program. I can't say enough good things about WGU and my experience. You can message me at WGU email just let me know.


Thanks for all the positive posts. I am going to DO THIS! Any volunteer to refer me too? :)


I can refer you, email me shawki3@wgu.edu.


Thanks, Stacey. I just did. :)

Kevin Y

Out of curiosity, and from the appeal of working from home, I applied to be a course mentor in Health and Human Anatomy. I have taught A&P at university and community colleges for 8 years and I have a PhD in biology. I thought I was well-qualified for the position. The application process was quite long and rigorous. Guess what? I did not make it to the interview stage! After a few weeks, I received the following: "We have received a large number of inquiries from highly qualified candidates for this role. At this time, we have decided to move forward with candidates who more closely match the skills and qualifications required for this role." I have to wonder if I was asking too much in salary, or if I really am underqualified, but I thought I would post my experience just to give a different perspective on this school. Luckily I do have a teaching position that I will continue with, but I continue to be intrigued with WGU's model (I like the competency-based idea).


Hi there, After doing some research in my own for many months I have decided to pursue adegree from WGU,I have read every single comment in many sites, but the truth is that WGU is real, and believe me, i will become a next success story from this university


I am interested in the MEd Learning and Technology degree. Can anyone comment? I would also appreciate a referral so I can get the application fee waived.


I am getting ready to become a student at WGU. Could anyone refer me. My email is rkm_2012@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


WGU gives a solid foundation...as good as any of the three B&M schools I attended. I went back to get a B.S. in Accounting. Pretty rigorous and the depth and access to quality of text and course materials is excellent. I also like the personal attention WGU provides. My academic mentor is as qualified as they get, positive, and supportive. Theyndon't cut corners for you though. You have to earn it at WGU.


I cannot thank you guys enough for being so informative, realistic, and progressive about this new wave of education. I did my B.A. in Hawaii and now live in San Diego. I was going to either have to spend 20k for a credential at a private university, or wait yet another year to receive instate tuition in California. I think one of the best things about our tech generation is simply that we're forward moving. There are classes out there on Coursera, Kahn Academy, EdX, and the like. It's an opportunity for free knowledge and is really changing the way previous socioeconomics created a biased sample for who could and could not be educated. I was intimidated to choose this school because of a fear of bias for later employment opportunities, but after reading about the rigorous study work feel much more confident in this decision. If Time can boost WGU forward, I'm happy to be on board. I'd sincerely appreciate a referral to waive the application fee as well if I may please have one from someone. I'm at ketts217@gmail.com. Naturally, financial incentive was the initial concern. :) I feel like I just saved myself years of unnecessary debt, seeing that teaching isn't terribly lucrative and positions aren't readily available to begin with. Nonetheless, I'm glad this is the way the world is turning.

Ericka Rivers

I need someone to refer me to WGU, please

karen T

im not sure if i am accepted to wGU yet but I can access everything except my orientation on my student profile like the library and book store and everything what does that mean


I am in the process of applying for WGU, i really hope I get in because I have been to a brick school and it is taking too long to get my degree.

I do have a friend you got her degree from a brick school and still cant find a job but she is now 40k in dept. I also know someone who has a degree from Yale and is desperately looking for a job because of all the dept he in. I would much rather go to a cheap accreddited school especially now with the way the economy is than go to a brick school, be in dept and still not be promised a job.

I am going for accounting as well does anyone know if you can sit for CPA exam ?

Thanks wish you all the best


Hi K,

I'm going through Admissions right now, and I asked that very questions. My enrollment counselor advised told me that the Accounting program will NOT prepare you for the CPA exam. You will have to take some upper level graduate courses in order to sit for the exam. She also recommended that I review the requirements in my state.

I'm still going through with the admissions process because I think the school is a good value, and also because of the positive things I've heard about the school. I've tried brick and mortar schools, University of Phoenix, ect. and I just can't sit there and listen to people talk about stuff that I already know. So I'm hoping to make it through admissions and get started. Wish me Luck!!

Christopher V.

I just finished my Bachelors Degree in Sales and Sales Management at WGU.. I can't say it enough - this University has changed my life forever, for the better.

The student mentors are fantastic, educated and consistently hold your hand through the program. They give you the right kind of insight, motivation to succeed.

If you are considering going back to school and with an online University, it does not get any better then this. The quality of education is the best you can expect from an online school without the debt. Do not be fooled by the others like Ashford University or DeVry - WGU is the real deal, with the support and cost of tuition to back it up.


I am at the tail end of completing the RN-MSN program at WGU. I graduated in 12 months with my BSN (starting with an A.A.S. in nursing) and transitioned right into the MSN curriculum.

Here is my personal thoughts on what the competency-based learning meant to me:

I went into the program expecting a certain level of difficulty. I found that with several years of nursing experience in a variety of roles and specialties as an RN, the BSN was "easier" than I thought it would be. Was it EASY? No. But was it very relatable to a day in the life of an RN? Yes. What I eventually determined was that the content in the curriculum for the BSN was appropriate, and I was comptetent in much of it. I questioned for a moment whether I was getting the value that others were, but after talking with state university instructors that had nursing students doing clinical time in our organization, I found that I was doing the same thing they were - I just had a lot of experience under my belt, so I had already "done" it and that was what made the content much easier to understand.

Moving into the MSN (Education) portion, wow. Totally different degree of difficulty, more papers returned for revision. But, still very relevant, and the coursework has been translatable to things I am doing in a leadership role (Director) in my organization. It has taken me a lot more time and energy to complete this portion, and for that I am grateful because it further shows that I am NOT as competent in this area of the curriculum!

If you have experience in nursing and a life outside of being a student, this school would probably be a good fit for you. If you are a procrastinator and not self-driven, not able to seek out information and quickly ask for help when you need it, you need to find a brick and mortar school where the instructors are going to be on your back to get things done. I have no doubt that the work I have done with WGU has challenged me in real ways that have helped develop me as a nurse leader, and am confident that my degree's credibility has as much as the next MSN.


Would love a referral to waive the application fee.


I am a graduate of WGU. I have a BS in Accounting and it serves me well. When applying for positions, I have taken Accounting tests and passed with flying colors thanks to what I learned at WGU. I am now gainfully employed at a wonderful company where I use my Accounting and Finance knowledge every day.

I would recommend WGU to anyone who has real-world work experience and previous college credits. Western Governors University is great for highly motivated individuals who may have started a traditional college education years ago and never got the opportunity to go back for whatever reason.

I am extremely proud to call myself a WGU Night Owl!

John Stevens

I was thinking of the computer programming degree, I have some college but I wonder if employers will see WGU as a detractor. Any opinion? How do they work in the general education requirements?

Tx fam

Most of the comments on here are obviously "sponsored" by WGU.


Does anyone know how the MSISA program is at WGU. I'm interested in that program because it seems cheap and I believe I can get credits for certifications. Just want to hear from others who have completed or are enrolled to see if it is worth it. I do have a BS in Computer Science and currently work in IT so I doubt it would be difficult just want to know if there will be a ROI to move forward.

Francois Lodonou

I have read all of the post good and bad. I was deciding for the best online college to attend and pretty much fully enrolled at University of Phoenix but after all these comment I am happy to say I will pursue my degree at WGU. If anyone could refer me so that I can have my application fee waived it will be greatly appreciated. flodonou@gmail.com

John Steveson

I have attended brick and mortar (AAS), online "degree mill", and WGU, and WGU is the real deal. You must be very motivated, there's not a lot of help, but mentors will answer questions and there's cohorts (webinars) and blogs. I completed my BS in 17 months (got 25 credits for earlier work), and had to know my stuff to pass. I understand why people think online schools are bad, there are MANY, but WGU is NOT one of the bad ones.

Apologies to U of P students, but get out - every hiring manager I know (dozens) discards every resume with U of P on it without even reading the rest of the CV. Note that every one of those hiring managers (myself included) will hire WGU grads, and isn't that the purpose of this? If you only want to learn and are not concerned about employment/career advancements/degree, got to edX or Coursera - education ALL FREE! If you need/want an accredited degree, are willing to work for it, and have some real world experience behind you, WGU is a very viable option.


I am interested in attending WGU. Could anyone refer me so I could get my application fee waved? Thank you so much! You could reach me at nannanyao120@yahoo.com


If you are gonna transfer to another 4 yr school than be prepared for some classes not to meet the schools requirements. I attended WGU and transferred to 4 yr college and spent 8 months getting them to accept courses. Problem is the names of the courses are different from schools and you have to send the registrar a syllabus to prove the class meets their standards and figure out which class it is supposed to credit to. Also some classes at wgu are combined and schools don't credit the same class to 2 different courses. I was an accounting major and wgu's quantative classes are not supplements for stats 1 and college algebra. 3 out of 13 classes didn't meet other college's requirements wish i went to county college and transferred...would have saved time.


Currently attending Keiser University in florida on campus. I'd like to attend wgu for my bachelor in information security. I like all the cert it comes with. But how does it look to an employer? and do brick and mortar schools take wgu transcripts? Looking to go elsewhere for my masters..

Katina Wilson

I would greatly appreciate a referral to wgu. If you're willing to assist me please contact me at katinawilson@outlook.com


I currently attend UOP I just completed my first year. I have a total of 28 units and just started Math class how many of my classes will transfer for the BS in Accounting if I transfer to WGU to complete my BS I would most likely want to transfer to another school for my Masters.


I been interested in getting a bachelor's degree in software development. I obviously noticed it is not a engineering degree. I was wondering if anyone has graduated with this degree and gotten hired as a software developer at a software company. BTW I'm in California. Any input is appreciated.

Rob H.

Does anyone know if the Bachelors Degree in Sales and Sales Management at WGU will get you in a Masters degree from somewhere other than WGU? I want to get a Maters degree when I finish and I am trying to decide on whether to go after the Sales and Sales Management degree and the Business Admin degree.
Thank for the help :-)


I have dual bachelor degrees from Utah State, (Accounting, Economics, I could have had a finance degree with one more class) and I am in the WGU MBA program. I have honestly learned more about general business in 10 months through WGU then 5 years through Utah State. This school is legit! Don't think that just because it's online, that it'll be easy; it's very, very difficult. But, very rewarding at the same time.
I love WGU and I'm damn proud to be a student there. When I finish this MBA I plan on a Masters in Accounting through WGU.

kelly RN-MSN

I am currently enrolled at WGU. RN-MSN and have just finished my first semester. The university is challenging but the degree is attainable and inexpensive. The learning structure is different but I have always been an independent learner and enjoy progressing through the classes at my own pace, rather than attending lectures set at specific times. The best part is that if I feel I need that extra help a professor might have been able to provide I can simply ask my student mentor where to find the material I need to succeed. I have also asked my course mentor material specific questions and scheduled one on one sessions which are excellent.
Before I began studying at WGU I was hesitant because what seems to be to good to be true usually is. So far I have been pleasantly surprised. I researched their accreditation and yes they are legit. Next I was concerned that because they where a pay one price facility, meaning that you pay a fixed price for any amount of credits that can be completed in a six month period. This worried me because it would make sense that your progression could be slowed down if papers where failed. My concern was that passable papers would be failed for no legitimate reason simply to haul your progress. In my experience this is not the case. I have finished my first semester six weeks early and got a jump on the classes I have next semester. consequently I expect to finish twelve credits next semester within the first four weeks .


Are there any current WGU students on here that could possibly refer me? Please let me know. Thanks! Lisa


I'll refer you Lisa, shoot me an email at Justicejamesb@gmail.com and let's talk.


What can you tell me about the MBA program at WGU. Did it help you with your current role? What do most hiring managers think when they see an MBA from WGU? I have plenty of work experience but wondered if those in a similar situation have found the MBA allowed them to advance either within their own company or a completely different one. Thanks!

Wayne Scott

It's interesting, when reading through there's responses I saw one that claimed that most of these are sponsored by WGU. To read the posts it certainly seems like the students are a little over zealous.
However, I ignored the speculation, applied for enrollment, and started last fall. You know what, it really does live up to the hype. I'm so invested in this university I attend any function they have. When invited to the state capital to speak to the legislature; I went ( and on my own dime.)
I love WGU. Wouldn't choose anywhere else for undergrad, at this point in my life.

if you need an apply code wscotti@wgu.edu

Wesley b

Hi I have a question if I got my bachelors degree from WGU and then decided to go to a state university to get my masters would they accept me and would any credits transfer from WGU to a state university? Has anyone successfully done this and did your state university take your degree seriously? Did everything transfer? Thank you in advance!

Wesley b

Also do the graduates have a commencement ceremony?


I'm also interested in attending WGU for my MBA. Can someone send me a referral?


I am just curious as to how hard it is to get accepted into WGU? I have paid the application fee, had my transcripts sent, and now I am waiting for IRS transcripts for verification for financial aid. I still do not know though if I will be accepted because it is all done as a package deal. With that said, has anyone had any trouble getting accepted?


I work at WGU and we literally hand the students the answers because we are evaluated on number of students we graduate. It is a diploma mill.


In response to "Unnamed". I received my AAST degree in account from a brick and mortar school and then completed my BS in Business Management from WGU. I am enrolled to begin my MBA program from WGU in August. Not once have I been "handed" answers. I have sacrificed a lot while attending WGU. In fact, attending a brick and mortar school presented fewer challenges for me. It almost felt too easy. Attending WGU was the exact opposite. I truly felt like I accomplished something because of the hard work and sacrifices I made throughout my program at WGU.
In regards to my mentor, Austin Cook was absolutely amazing. There were a time I was willing to throw in the proverbial towel because of a dramatic family tragedy but he was there by my side, encouraging me to pursue my academic dreams so that I could better provide for my family.
I am a father of four children and I have a wonderful wife who has supported me and motivated me to do everything in my power to accomplish my goals. I am proud to say I am a WGU Night Owl!!!
If you do decide to attend WGU, know it won't be easy. You truly only get what you put into your program. Nothing was handed to me. Nothing was given to me. I earned it!


Lol @ Unnamed. That person does not work for WGU. If any of you wanted, you could join some of the Facebook pages where people gather together to help each other out and ask about different problems that they've had and you'll be able to see that several people don't even pass the exams and they have to retake it in some people have even had to retake it enough times that they have to start paying for themselves. In no way is what this person claiming true I've never been handed a single answer at all. But I'm sure you already know that. As the popular saying goes haters gonna hate.




I've seen a couple people be denied admission. In every case, the person was given a clear outline of what needed to be done. One person was denied, needs to work on some math skills, and reapplied. They just strarted in February.

I don't think the process takes too long and i wouldn't be surprised if you have already found out the answer by the time you read my message. I think the whole process took less than a month for me. And it will it actually took longer than that but all of the things that made it take longer than that we're on my end mind having to chase down my transcripts for my previous University my brick and mortar. My wanting to actually start when the time was right I had other things going on. And then eventually I needed to do the math portion of my insurance and I can drag my feet on that cuz I was nervous that I was going to fail it. By the way I did not feel it which means that everyone should feel confident that they won't feel it either because I'm terrible at math. And I'm not just saying that I actually dropped out of high school when I was 15 years old on a lot of math that I should know going into college I had not even learn cuz I was already kind of slow had to do a lot of studying of math on my own just the kind of grasp it. So you'll be fine you guys you can do it w Jews a good choice not a diploma mill is not the easiest thing in the world but it does allow you to work according to your own schedule which is helpful and I find to be less stressful than brick and mortar so you don't have to commit to Monday Wednesday Friday or something like that you couldn't go whenever is good for you and if that changes next week then it changes next week. By the way I'm using voice to text so I know these are a lot of run on sentences sorry


Hello, I would like to hear from anyone that graduated with the post-baccalaureate teaching certification or Master of Education with certification program that actually received teaching certification from their state. Especially Virginia State. How long did it take for the certification to come through. Thank you.


You simply don't learn anything at WGU, simply because they don't teach. If you don't have the knowledge and skills required to research and and learn on your own, you would be frustrated attending WGU.

Andrea Velasco

I would also love to hear from anyone that is currently pursuing or has obtained a MA in Education/Teaching. I have a BA in English from a brick and mortar school and mid-life want to pursue a high school teaching career. I live in Colorado.

MA History U of Arizona (Tucson)

Question: why all the debate re: WGU? If you are feeling a single ounce of doubt, don't go there! There are so many other options! Nearly every state university offers online degree programs these days (CSU, UCS...list is endless). Just attend a state university with good name-recognition and transferring to another school, or getting accepted for grad school won't be an issue. Why take any chances with your education? If you have to ask such questions about accreditation and transferability, go elsewhere.

Ernest Johnson

Some said you don’t learn anything at WGU. That is an untrue statement. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and I have multiple IT certification CCNA CCNP CCNA Security CHE/CHIFS security and granted a lot of the information is covered in the Master of Information Security and Assurance program. Therefore, I was familiar with a lot of it. The program is the real deal. I if did not knows a lot of the information, GOD only know the amount of research I would have to do to pass the classes. The classes are not traditional. Therefore you have to put a lot into it. You can’t cheat off your buddy’s paper during it this program like we did in the B and M schools. LOL. This is not a school for a child. You can waste your money like a lot of the people posting information, but that just mean this type of program is over her heads. Like the guy said, go to a school that fits the status Que.

David Smith

WGU is most certainly a diploma mill!! You CAN NOT complete an "easy" graduate level course in 11 days. You CAN NOT complete a "difficult" graduate level course in 21 days!! Anyone that says this place is NOT a diploma mill is one of their graduates are beyond dull!! You DO NOT want to hire one of their graduates!! DIPLOMA MILL!!!!!!!!!!!


Grow up! I have completed classes that directly applied to my field of work in 1 week. I already had extensive knowledge of the subject, and this was at a brick and mortar school that allowed us to complete the online portion at my own pace. Sooo how can you say that, have you ever attended a class there?


Greetings commenting folks, I just finished my MBA at WGU! It was definitely worth the time and money. Regarding the coursework and material it was well laid out and easy to access. I learned so much from this program. I'd recommend this to anyone and also wish I would have done my BS via WGU. Good luck to you all.

James Justice

I have dual bachelor degrees in Accounting and Economics from Utah State University. I have an MBA from WGU. Let me say a few things about the WGU program; if you are looking for a "easy" degree, go do basket weaving at the local community college, WGU is for the serious NON-TRADITIONAL student. It is not a school for 18yr/olds coming straight out of High School. To pass many of the classes you're expected to have a lot of "real world" experience.
As many of you know, Accounting and Economics are not easy degrees to obtain, they are some of the absolute hardest in terms of study-time and effort. The MBA program at WGU was at least 5x harder than anything I experienced in my undergraduate studies. My capstone paper was 78 pg. I didn't write one paper during the MBA program under 18 pg. (In my undergrad work it was common to write 2 - 3 pg. papers).
I plan on getting a Masters in Accounting from either BYU or SUU. I plan on getting a Ph.D. in Accounting and want to teach at a big school that is the only reason I'm going to a big "brick - n - mortar" school to get this degree, I have to have AACSB accreditation. WGU is nationally and regionally accredited, but they do not have AACSB accreditation. Their are only 2 reasons to have a degree with this accreditation;
1. You want to teach at a brick - n - mortar university.
2. You want to work for the government (though a lot of government agencies are starting to take WGU degrees).
WGU is an amazing program for those who study hard and let nothing come in the way of their goals!

James Justice

I have dual bachelor degrees in Accounting and Economics from Utah State University. I have an MBA from WGU. Let me say a few things about the WGU program; if you are looking for a "easy" degree, go do basket weaving at the local community college, WGU is for the serious NON-TRADITIONAL student. It is not a school for 18yr/olds coming straight out of High School. To pass many of the classes you're expected to have a lot of "real world" experience.
As many of you know, Accounting and Economics are not easy degrees to obtain, they are some of the absolute hardest in terms of study-time and effort. The MBA program at WGU was at least 5x harder than anything I experienced in my undergraduate studies. My capstone paper was 78 pg. I didn't write one paper during the MBA program under 18 pg. (In my undergrad work it was common to write 2 - 3 pg. papers).
I plan on getting a Masters in Accounting from either BYU or SUU. I plan on getting a Ph.D. in Accounting and want to teach at a big school that is the only reason I'm going to a big "brick - n - mortar" school to get this degree, I have to have AACSB accreditation. WGU is nationally and regionally accredited, but they do not have AACSB accreditation. Their are only 2 reasons to have a degree with this accreditation;
1. You want to teach at a brick - n - mortar university.
2. You want to work for the government (though a lot of government agencies are starting to take WGU degrees).
WGU is an amazing program for those who study hard and let nothing come in the way of their goals!

James Justice

I have friends that work for WGU. Why don't you give us your name so that I can see if you truly do "work there?"

James Justice

Also, anyone looking for a WGU referral, send me an email and I'll shoot you one.


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