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Applicants You Never Call - Asset or Afterthought?

Thats' the question a strong new voice on the scene asks.  Lip service is easy, it's hard for most of us to look in the mirror on this one....

William, over at Talent Alchemy points to the concept of finding opportunity for the applicants you neverWaiting_by_the_phone call via resume sharing, etc.  In addition, he points to the business case for treating the non-hired with respect via the following commitment points:

1. Make a commitment, contact and close out candidates when they are no longer viable for your openings. Commitment first, logistics second.

2. Put the logistics into place and train to your commitment. For us, our ATS enables any candidate who applies to check their status. This is helpful at a basic level.

3.  When you first meet your candidates, message to them your organizations selection process including how they will close out. This sets expectations for the candidate and does obligate you to follow through.

Good stuff, click through to see the rest of William's list and subscribe to Talent Alchemy today....



I'm job hunting now and it's incredibly frustrating to never hear back from anyone. I would love a quick email or letter telling me I didn't make it to the next round. One of the best places I've applied is the U of North Carolina. You create an account on their site and they change your application status as they move through the hiring process for each position. I think it shows you respect the time and effort of the candidate. Also, think how much time (and potentially uncomfortable conversations) you and your staff will save by not dealing with candidates looking for an update.


Thank you for the kind mention, Kris.

I'm hoping there will be some good examples from other organizations treating their candidates better. It will be remarkable, newsworthy... and the right thing to do.

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