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It's almost August, and that means we're heading down the stretch of the baseball season.  It's also hot, which tends to bring out the worst in tempers (or the best, depending on how you look at it) in the national pastime.   

Imagine a workplace where a manager can have a classic meltdown, complete with throwing things, screaming about 100 obscenities and generally losing all control.

Hopefully that's not your workplace.  But there's one like at a ballpark near you.  And when this manager does it, he's an embarrassment for his corporate office, but probably raises the future profitability for the division he resides in.

The manager?  Take your pick.  The most recent one? The Minor League manager Kash Beauchamp (Wichita Wignuts, independent minor league franchise).  Oh yeah - forgot to tell you - his tantrums are caught on tape:

That's classic "I forgot my meds" stuff.  Can you imagine these guys applying for a position at SuccessFactors, where they have a "no a%&*&**s" rule? (Warning - vulgarity follows the link)  The lead recruiter googles their name, and up pops the video and.....  Well, let's just say that each one of them gets the automated "thanks but no thanks" response to his resume....


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