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Some studies show that in about 85% of companies, new hire morale/passion dramatically declines after six months.  Think of it as the crush of reality, the end of the honeymoon...

So what can you do to prevent that?  The slides below make the case for using social networking technologies to allow the passionate ones (about their work) to connect with others in the organization.

Think of it as transcending the org chart, especially in big companies.  Good thoughts, takes a lot of trust and transparency that some companies don't have, however.  From Sacha Chua:


Kelly Dingee

This is great! I love Sacha's presentation - it's spot on - and I can say that having just celebrated my 6 month anniversary with AIRS........this will be the blog I pass around to everyone today.......


laurie ruettimann

Some studies show that in about 85% of marriages, morale & passion dramatically declines after six months.

(I just made that up, but it sounds about right.)


Good post indeed. Nice to read about the impact of social networking in onboarding process.

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