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Great post last week by John Hollon on a time tested management technique - blowing your stack to get someone's attention in the workplace.  Let's call it the Kimbo Slice...

John breaks it down for us using Danica Patrick as a role model at and The Business of Management:

“Briscoe clipped Patrick’s car as she was leaving pit road with 29 laps left last SundayKimbo_slice (Indy 500), inflicting enough damage to take both drivers out of the race,” wrote columnist Richard Durrett in the Dallas Morning News. “A frustrated Patrick jumped out of her car and briskly walked toward Briscoe’s pit stall, taking her gloves off as she went as if planning to send a stern message when she arrived. But security steered her clear.”

Blowing your cool and getting angry, on occasion, especially if it is done in a very focused and specific way, can pay big benefits for a manager. To wit:

1. It gets everyone’s immediate attention;
2. It crystalizes an issue in people’s minds as something of unique significance and great importance;
3. It draws a line in the sand about what you will tolerate, and what you won’t; and,
4. It sends long-lasting ripples through the workforce about how deeply you care about the work at hand."

Hollon's right.  Of course, you can't be a one-trick pony as a manager.  If rage is your normal reaction, no one's going to see the difference.  You also have to watch the posturing as if you want to fight.  In some industries (think manufacturing, cable, basic training and anything with a high concentration of blue collar workers), you might find yourself circled by the rest of the team as the object of your scorn circles you, waiting for the appropriate moment to break your nose. 

That would be counterproductive to your performance mission as a manager.  Maybe you should stick with email...

For now, let's enjoy my favorite clip of a workplace meltdown...Mr. Denny Green! (Mild language alert)


HR Wench

Kimbo Slice frightens me to the very core of my soul.

I love the clip - at the end - when the reporter says "thanks, coach!" Wish it was louder, I would have made it my new ringtone.

Chris Young

Absolutely "spot on". Passion and "choosing your battles" carefully can be a powerful combination. I agree, Kris - you cannot over-use the "Kimbo Slice". To do so would greatly diminish the "benefits".

Use of the "Kimbo Slice" is like a golf "mulligan" - one per game (alright...2!).

You should only use one "Kimbo Slice" per time period.

What should that time period be? A year?

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