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VIDEO - Why Can't Gen Y Admit They Are Difficult?

In a sure sign that we all may be taking the differences we see in Gen Y just a LITTLE bit too seriously, the Gen Y clique has started doing parodies of the coverage.

Millennial YouTube spoofster, cynicallytested created this video, saying “Lately our generation has been labeled ‘Millennials’ and the media is having a field day trashing us for being lazy and self absorbed. In this 60 Minutes Spoof our own “Me” reports on how Generation Y has evolved into an alien culture known as ‘Millennials’.”

Watch the whole thing for some great perspective.  Still thinking you need that consultant to help you connect?



Alex Cantu

I got a good laugh out of it. So much of it is true about the texting. I can’t remember the last time I had a decent conversation without it being a text.

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