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HR Words That Mean Absoutely Nothing....

You know the words.  The ad copy for a HR or staffing firm meant to provide the sizzle, framing the factEmployeesbutton2 that the firm in question IS Human Capital or Talent:

From Michael Habermann at HR Observations, who got this pitch in the mail:

"Superior talent matches for a customer's temporary, temporary-to-permanent and permanent job opportunities through a unique, team-based solution."
Ugh....I could accurately sketch the predictable clip art that invariably accompanies the words.  It looks like the picture on the right.  The picture is too perfect, and about 1,000 companies have it on their brochure...

How about this - "Pretty good people, fast.  Try before you buy..."

Be like Darrin from Bewitched (he worked for an ad agency) and give me your pitch for a tagline in the comments...


Richard Parker

This article is a riot. I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand those STUPID photos of models that festoon all the slick recruitment sites. After we eliminate all the journalists for destroying this presidential campaign we should go for the ad agency idiots that plan these "HR" photo shoots.

Jim Price, SPHR

What? Doesn't everyone get a final 5 group of applicants exactly like this from every recruiting firm, every time?

But seriously, the Stepford Bennetton pictures are a big turn off for me. When I look for help with recruiting, I need someone who can think outside the box. If you have the same stale ad as everyone else, I'll pass.

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