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Superbad Graph - "Total Odds of Dying, Any Cause: 1 in 1"...

Sometimes you run across a graphic that says it all - and this one (pictured below) from the WSJ journal does just that. 

We're all going to that "big records retention facility" in the sky at some point.

Want to make sure you have the longest period possible before your "records" go to deep storage?  Then take Bob Coffield's advice on the Health Care Law Blog and do the following:

"the graphic highlights advice from my dad, a retired physician in West Virginia, who always warns us of such risks. He says, "eat better, eat less, take small bites, drive defensively with two hands on the wheel, don't climb ladders and be careful with guns." Looking at the graph if we listened to this advice we would take care of most of the larger circles"

Good advice.  But what about death from hot weather? (odds of croaking from that - 1 in 13,000) 

I gotta get out of the South.  I don't see cold weather on the chart....



J. William Tincup

Death by Internet should be considered. I'm hearing story after story of people that croak from blogging too much or viewing too much porn or too much Texas Hold'em. Death by Internet - hey, let's be careful out there. Too much Internet = death...

J. William Tincup
Starr Tincup ||

Jim K

The effect of cold weather is represented by 'Suicide, 1 in 119'.

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