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We bloggers are a passionate bunch.  Most of us do it for professional development, to stay on top of our trade, etc.   A good cause and, once you get started, the writing cycle times go down and it's managable.

A note to my blogging friends on the blogroll to the right and at Fistful of Talent.  Don't go pro.Blogger_2

Why not?  Go pro, and the love for the game subsides.  You start eating too many twinkies, drinking too many cokes, maybe even taking No-Doz to stay alert during prime blogging hours. 

Don't believe me?  Check out the following story from the NYT:

"They work long hours, often to exhaustion. Many are paid by the piece — not garments, but blog posts. This is the digital-era sweatshop. You may know it by a different name: home.

A growing work force of home-office laborers and entrepreneurs, armed with computers and smartphones and wired to the hilt, are toiling under great physical and emotional stress created by the around-the-clock Internet economy that demands a constant stream of news and comment.

Of course, the bloggers can work elsewhere, and they profess a love of the nonstop action and perhaps the chance to create a global media outlet without a major up-front investment. At the same time, some are starting to wonder if something has gone very wrong. In the last few months, two among their ranks have died suddenly.

Other bloggers complain of weight loss or gain, sleep disorders, exhaustion and other maladies born of the nonstop strain of producing for a news and information cycle that is as always-on as the Internet."

Stay in school kids!  Don't go pro...


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