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Ann Bares of Compensation Force Joins the Workforce Lineup...

Ann Bares has a post up announcing the fact that her blog, Compensation Force, is joining the lineup at www.workforce.com.

Congrads to Ann, who is the best interactive brand available in the critical world of compensation.  It's good to see her join the team at Workforce, bringing the stability and measured approach long lacking in renegades like this blog, also featured at Workforce.

If you haven't checked out Compensation Force, subscribe via email or add to your reader today.  It's all you need to stay on top of trends in compensation, which is critical to recruiters, HR pros and corporate types - and anyone else who has to figure out how to value positions and people in any type of organization.


Michael Haberman, SPHR

She indeed provides first rate insight to compensation issues. I have referred many an HR professional and student to her site, as well as posted some of her comments in my blog. Congratulations Ann and congratulations Kris for recognizing her talent.

Ed Harris

Yes, I agree. Ann has a serious blog, with valuable and interesting content, that does a lot for compensation professionals, but her contributions will not end there.


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