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How Do You Know When It's Time to Get Out Of HR?

Frank Roche, the brains behind KnowHR, had a romp the other day called "10 Ways to Know When Its Time to Get Out of HR."  Here are my 5 favorites from Frank's list; click through to see the rest.  From Know HR:

  1. You refer to the head of HR as Catbert, and there’s no hint of irony left.
  2. Whenever anyone calls out, you think they’re taking a “psychological sick day”.
  3. You don’t think that anyone can get a 5 in a 5-point rating scale.
  4. You’ve never even seen the table, let alone have a chance of sitting at it.
  5. You think that it’s just a matter of the right forms, no exceptions.

To quote a line from Swingers, Frank's money and he doesn't even know it.  Here's a few I would add to Frank's list:

  1. You think the SHRM periodicals are "best in class".
  2. You use the phrase "best in class".
  3. Your medical plan is self-insured and when someone tells you the procedure they are going in for, you know what the plan will be billed within a $50 margin of error.
  4. You no longer actively interview candidates, you simply "source".
  5. You respond to every performance issue, by quoting, to the manager, your company's Progressive Discipline policy, without questioning whether the manager has tried informal coaching.
  6. You have a prepped speech for why Viagra's not covered by the plan.

Frank - thanks for the great list!


Michael Haberman, SPHR

Number 4 in Frank's list may not be a reason to get out of HR, but it is certainly a reason to change the company you work for...


Reason Number 4 in Frank's list may not be a reason to get out of HR, but it can be one reason to change the company you work for only if reqruitments is your only area of interest.

There is a very good blog on HR which I follow for references. Address of this blog is mentioned below:

David Zinger

You sources this well, a 4.999999 out of 5, and we could say this post was the "best in class"


I read the original top 10 from KnowHR and number 10 was my fave -- You spend more time talking about employee engagement than talking to employees.

Scott McArthur

Interesting themes from Frank.....

You think "performance forms" work
You have bought all of Ulrich's books and haven't read them.....but still think he is a dude
You have introduced an email restriction policy
You see "you tube" as a problem

Endless list.........



I can add:
You complete/accomplish any function for any employee, just because you are meeting with your line manager and he might ask you about it.

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