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There's a quality rundown of SHRM over at this week, so pop over and check it out.  The focus?   With the pending retirement of their CEO and $138M in the bank, what direction should the world's largest HR organization take?

The article does a fair and balanced analysis of the issues.  One of the big themes common to many interviewed is the fact that SHRM takes members, without forcing any criteria for membership, which results in them not being particularly strong as a resource for executives or progressive HR types.

I think that's true.  My first reaction to the article is that I am glad SHRM is strong and they are successful.  That being said, they aren't my first or second destination for info that helps me professionally.  And they should be.

The best way to start using the $138M?  Start providing deep resources for the various niches that make up the HR community.  Embrace web 2.0.  Have opinion leaders, and don't be afraid to upset half your members with an opinion that causes everyone to think... and debate...

After all, aren't opinions and the resulting debate part of what's missing from the HR community?

SHRM, make like Jim Rome and stir up the clones by "having a take"....


Frank Giancola


SHRM does provide its members with quarterly research reports on various subjects that I have found to be most helpful. (

Unfortunately, I don't think enough members know about them.

They provide a deeper discussion than you'll find in HR magazine articles, which are rather bland and too superficial. They appear to be written by journalists who are good writers, but appear to lack the background to really get into a subject to satisfy HR professionals.

I do agree that SHRM should cover more thought provoking and controversial issues to debate.


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