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Did the CareerBuilder SuperBowl Ads Stink?

I thought so.  So much potential (can anyone say "hire Steve Carell of The Office"), so little delivery. 

A while back, CareerBuilder got it right.  The monkeys were running the show, and you couldn't get any work done.  Cool, I get that.

This year, I got a heart turning in a resignation?  From Workforce via Crain's Advertising Age:

"A weak showing in last year’s USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter got (or, depending on whom you believe, contributed to getting) CareerBuilder’s agency, Cramer-Krasselt, fired. So, does a significantly worse showing in this year’s survey mean that the online job site’s new agency, Wieden & Kennedy, ought to be worried?

Wieden’s debut spots for CareerBuilder, which kicked off a new campaign dubbed “Start Building,” placed 39th and 47th in USA Today’s annual popularity contest. The best of C-K’s three “Office Jungle” spots last year finished 16th, and its top “Office Monkeys” spots rated 11th and fourth, respectively, in 2006 and 2005."

When you serve up a product related to the workplace, everyone's rooting for you.  Everyone wants you to do a parody about how bad their job is.  They're waiting for you, just BEGGING, for you to show everyone what a mockery the rat race is...

Then you talk about heart... OK, you are a humanitarian... maybe a motivational type...

You're also fired if you are that Ad Agency....

If you can't afford Steve Carell, go get Dwight... C'mon!!


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