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Commentator Compares Social Network Experiment to Puppies with Vertigo....

Thick skin is required when you blog and put your professional feelings out there.  Here's what JakePuppies Swearingen of BNet blogs thought of my upcoming social networking experiment inside a real company:

"Kris Dunn’s HR Capitalist blog is normally pretty spot-on. But his idea of experimenting with a social network for his company is cute but dumb, like when puppies try to run and keep falling over."

Ouch...That's gonna leave a mark....

Actually, I laughed out loud when I read it.  One of the things I said in my post, announcing my intent to use Ning to create an internal social network, is "we'll see"... I don't know if better engagement and communication is a natural outcome of an internal social network.    It might be that we build it, try to put recurring content on it, and no one comes...

Still, running a few month's worth of an experiement on the topic seems worthwhile.  If we can't make it work in a software company, where everyone lives off the web and email, then I don't think anyone can.

Of course, that's me, the giver.  Jake's the guy having fun watching puppies stumble... PETA readers, let Jake know how you feel about that..

I'm out...


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