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Does Blogging With a Broken Arm Mean I'm Blogging Angry?

I took the week between Christmas and New Year's off, and had a great run from a sports/fitness standpoint.  Workouts every day, didn't eat too much, basketball with my son almost every day.  Even got this week's blog postings complete by Friday of that week so I could chill....

Then I broke my arm.  It happened on Sunday when I was playing pickup basketball, after I picked a guy, who looked like Weird Al, clean of the ball (don't try the weak crossover on me) at mid court and took it the other way. He apparently was a little frustrated because he hacked me from behind on the layup and put me in a crumpled heap. I thought I would put off seeing a professional until I was back in a major city, which was today. Is it bad when you can't bend your arm beyond about 90 or 120 degrees?  I feel like captain hook and, now that I have a cast on, even look the part....

But the reason for this post isn't sympathy, it's to let you know how free members of my team feel to bust my chops.  I told one team member what had happened, and he told me he couldn't get the image of Jim Carey balling in Cable Guy out of his mind when he found out what I was doing.  Note to self - hang 30 points on that team member if I ever see him on the court... 360 surveys be damned! 

Actually, the arm break scene was a lot more like Rambis getting the beat-down when Celtics/Lakers really mattered.  See below.... Man, do I love Kurt Rambis....


Michael Moore


Sorry about the arm. Any way to turn it into worker's comp. Recruiting? Continuing Education? Evaluating Wellness Program? I've got more....

Frank Roche


Way to play hard, man. Sorry about the broken arm. It's always a shock to get injured as an adult...and a broken arm to boot.

Glad you're as good typing with one hand as you are with two. Keep up the great work...and keep playing hard. It's a sign of good things!


Frank and Michael -

Thanks for the support! My doctor asked me what I did for a living - I said, it's complicated, but I type and talk. She wondered if I could avoid typing for at least a couple of weeks....



She Who Will Remain UnNamed

WAIT! Was that Capt Hook I saw on the BASKETBALL COURT (of all places) on Sunday afternoon??

tsk tsk tsk: Hope those half your size don't pop you on a lay-up!


To the unknown one -

That's right, I was out on the court by your house coaching KIDS. Life doesn't end just because my forearm is numb.....




Get well.

Even if I always have preferred the C's to the Lakers....

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