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Top 20 HR Articles of 2007 - The Industry Radar

Want to see what people were reading in 2007?  A great source of what was hot is up over at The IndustryRadarlogo_ir2_2 Radar, where John Nail has listed the top 20 posts from 2007 (i.e., most hits/views).

See it here -

Love the Industry Radar, and I'm thrilled to make it on the top 20 list. 

The only problem with The Industry Radar is you can start browsing, then look up and realize you've just burned 45 minutes of your day browsing the headlines.

I try and manage that by subscribing to the newsletter and budgeting my time to that.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Thanks to John for providing a great aggregator of content.  If you haven't checked out the IR yet, bounce over and take a look over the holidays during your down time.   Or during your first day back when you are avoiding work...


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