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Does Your HR Job Stink? Take the Quiz and Find Out...

My latest article is up at, entitled "Does Your HR Job Stink?  Take the Quiz and Find Out".  It's a handy quiz to help you determine if your company supports the talent function to the extent necessary to make your HR gig positive in the years to come.  Take the quiz and then score yourself according to the following scale:

"Total your score. Now determine if your HR job is a keeper:
18-24 points: Your position and company rock. If you can combine it with people you like, a career path and a manageable commute, consider putting pictures up and starting a blog.

12-17 points: You’re doing OK. If you have enough influence to implement some things to help in the trouble spots, you could be seen as a rising star and get promoted.

6-11 points: HR life support needed. The cost structure alone means you won’t be there in two years.

0-5 points: You had already scanned the jobs and posted your résumé before you found this article. Good instincts. Play on."

Take the quiz and let me know how you fared....


HR Wench

I scored 11. The good news is I expected to score much lower!

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