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It had been over a month.  I kept waiting.  No one brought it up.

The phrase was destined to become a workplace classic.  Right up there with "Dude", "Where's the Beef?" and the best of the old school classics, "Word".

Finally, it happened today.  Someone uttered the words I expected a month ago.  What phrase am I speaking of?  You probably know, but if you don't, "Don't Tase Me, Bro!" is the phrase, spawned from the following circumstance:

"Here are the basics for the select few who haven't seen it on YouTube or aren't sporting a "Don'tDont_tase_me_bro  Tase Me, Bro!" T-shirt. On Monday, Sept. 17, 21-year-old University of Florida telecommunications major, Meyer, attended a Kerry rally on campus in Gainesville, Fla. Meyer approached the microphone after Kerry stated he wouldn't accept any more questions but then agreed to listen to Meyer.

Meyer animatedly began asking about the 2004 election and why Kerry wasn't trying to impeach Bush. At that moment, the microphone was cut off and police began to escort Meyer out of the room. Meyer resisted the officers and ran back to the microphone, only to be thrown to the floor by six officers shortly thereafter.

Meyer continued to resist and the officers informed Meyer that if he refused to stop screaming for help, he would be Tasered. Meyer shouted, "Don't Tase me, bro!" in vain, and was Tasered. Meyers is being charged with resisting arrest with violence and disturbing the peace. He will receive a trial date in the near future."

I don't really care about the politics of the situation.  I just thought the phrase was cash money, and expected to hear it the next day.  Over a month later, I finally heard it in the office for the first time today, a throwaway comment as two conference call participants talked about fantasy football.

It had so much more potential.  T-Shirts, YouTube and mashups integrating MC Hammer all say so.  Why couldn't it have infected my workplace? 



Hmm, A taser would make an interesting prop for the HR department. Might dissuade some of those overdramatic employee relation non-issues?

Im outraged about today's entree in the employee cafeteria! (ZAP)

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