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Fantasy Sports Leagues At Work Are Good for the Workpace, Yo...

...if you're a guy.  Not many females playing that I can see.  Workforce recently ran an article that focused on the down side of fantasy sports leagues in the workplace (guys going over the top, resulting in solidifying cliques and confrontations).  Can't say that I've seen that in our workplace NFL league, as it's provided a unified topic for those who participate, without the negative aspect highlighted by Workforce. 

If I could change anything, it would be to level out the gender participation (way more males than females), but finding females who want to act like a pro sports GM, via ESPN on the web, is rare indeed.

So, I'll take what I can get, and keep the good times rolling with the guys.  Our NFL fantasy league at work is half over.  This week, we start a NBA fantasy league.

The participants claimed that the "smack talk" feature on Yahoo Sports NBA was weak.  So what did I do?  I created a blog for the league complete with chat and comment features at the top of the page so the good-natured smack talk could roll.

Plus, having a blog for the NBA league means I can take full advantage of YouTube.  First up?  This classic commercial series, from Fox Sports, from a couple of years ago, featuring a couple of Vanilla Ice/Eminem wannabees. 




Interesting take. At my office, the ratio is about 2:1 in favor of males in our fantasy football leagues. However, that's not too far out of proportion to our office in general. Maybe we're the odd ones, but I'd be willing to bet that especially among younger women, there's a good bit of interest out there in fantasy football. It's a phenomenon.

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