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The HR Blog Power Rankings - Week of 9/10/07 [sponsored by the HR Capitalist]

Good Poll Results - Oklahoma drills Miami and moves from #8 to #3 in the College Football Top 25...M

Bad Poll Results - Michigan drop-kicks their first two games to App State and Oregon and drops out of the same poll....

What about the HR Blogs?

The HR Capitalist is proud to announce the HR Blog Power Rankings for the week of 9/10/07!  Rankings below reflect blog entries from August 12th to September 11th across 112 HR-related blogs.  How do we rank them?  Check out the complete Poll Methodology here...

The short version the methodology is that I have my Google Reader set up to read all 112 blogs for the period in question.  Using the star feature, I identify the entries I would recommend to my HR colleagues.  The more recommendations, the higher the power ranking and the poll position. 

See what rants and riffs spurred my recommendation here...

In our opinion, the top 25 and those also receiving votes represent the best of the HR/Human Capital Blogs.  Thanks to all listed here for your commitment to HR/Human Capital community!

1.(Tie) Compensation Force (Power Rating- 8, Last Poll - #1)
1.(Tie) KnowHR Blog (Power Rating- 8, Last Poll - #16)
3.   Pennsylvania Employment Lawyer & Attorney (Power Rating- 6, Last Poll - #3)
4.   8 hours & a lunch (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #5)
5.   Trizle (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #24)
6.   The Business of Management - John Hollon (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #6)
7.   Knowledge Infuser (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #25)
8.   Fortify Your Oasis (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #9)
9.   Incentive Intelligence (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #19)
10. Jon Ingham's (HCM) Blog (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #14)
11. Jim Stroud 2.0 (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #15)
12. Execupundit (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - NR)
13. Evil HR Lady (Power Rating- 5, Last Poll - #11)
14. The Career Revolution (Power Rating- 4, Last Poll - #13)
15. HR Thoughts (Power Rating- 4, Last Poll - #4)
16. All Things Workplace (Power Rating- 4, Last Poll - #23)
17. Three Star Leadership - Wally Bock (Power Rating- 3, Last Poll - #7)
18. systematicHR (Power Rating- 3, Last Poll - #2)
19. Ask a Manager (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #8)
20. The Human Capitalist  (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #10) 
21. Taleo Blog (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #17)
22. Employee Evolution (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #12)
23. The Work Clinic (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #25) 
24. McArthur's Rant (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - #22)
25. The Future of Work Weblog  (Power Rating- 2, Last Poll - NR)

Also Receiving Votes: XpertHR > Homepage, Suits In The Workplace, Brazen Careerist, JibberJobber, Evil HRIS Guy, People Signals, SittingXLegged, Employee Handbooks, cheezehead, Race in the WorkplaceStanley Bing, Complete Potential, Gruntled Employees, Donald H Taylor, My Global Career

On Probation/Not Eligible For Poll - The HR Capitalist (Please Read Anyway!!!)

See the game by game results here....




Thanks so much for this. What a great listing.

Frank Roche

Kris, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. It does feel sometimes when we're all writing that it just goes into the ether. This approach is the Horton Hears a Who affirmation. Cheers, man!

Ann Bares

Thanks for the time and effort you are putting into the HR blogging community with this list - and for the recognition. Don't know that I can hold this spot long with the great posting being done by Frank (Congrats to KnowHR!) and others on the list, but I appreciate being there this week!

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