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Saving Your Company's Culture By Embracing the Crazy People

HR People have been known to be "command and control" when it comes to having fun.

So what about you Catbert?  Are you prepared to let your employees have fun and spice it up in the workplace?  Yeah?  What about when they go after your most important stars at the next company function, or (gasp) your executives via impressions in front of your entire company?  Still confident you are bleeding edge in this area?

It's OK, everyone is a little hesitant to let the youngsters on stage to mimic the most visible employees in your company.   People have been known to fire someone before such a performance is even complete.

Of course, such a session might contribute to your employees feeling like your work environment is a cool place to work.

Or in the case of professional Tennis, like your sport might actually be worth watching.

Take a look at the clip below.  There's a new men's player on the scene named Novak Djokovic who made it all the way to the Men's US Open final before being defeated by some robo-legend named Roger Federer.  What makes him special?  He can play AND entertain.  The entertain part has been sadly missing in men's tennis for awhile - some would say the Sampras/Agassi rivalry was the last time the tour had entertainment, others show their age and say the thing hasn't been worth watching since McEnroe...

In any event, there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Djokovic (aptly pronouced Joke-a-vich).  Find a Djokovic in your company, give him a stage, and watch the culture get healthier in a hurry....


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