Methodology - The HR Blog Power Rankings [sponsored by the HR Capitalist]
Press '1' To Eliminate Yourself As a Candidate...

The HR Blog Power Rankings [sponsored by the HR Capitalist]

The HR Capitalist is proud to announce the first installation of the HR Blog Power Rankings!  Rankings below reflect blog entries from July 30th to August 29th across 103 HR-related blogs.  How do we rank them?  Check out the complete Poll Methodology here...

The short version of our methodology is that I have my Google Reader set up to read all 103 blogs for the period in question.  Using the star feature, I identify the entries I would recommend to my HR colleagues.  The more recommendations, the higher the power ranking and the poll position. 

In our opinion, the top 25 and those also receiving votes represent the best of the HR/Human Capital Blogs.  Thanks to all listed here for your committment to HR/Human Capital community!

Ranking/Blog Name (Power Rating, Last Poll Ranking)

Also Receiving Votes: The Future of Work Weblog, Evil HRIS Guy, People Signals, SittingXLegged, Employee Handbooks, cheezehead, Race in the Workplace, Michael Specht, Stanley Bing, Bob Sutton, Complete Potential, Workstream, Execupundit, Gruntled Employees, Donald H Taylor

On Probation/Not Eligible For Poll - The HR Capitalist (Please Read Anyway!!!)

In future polls, I'll highlight posts that make ranked blogs special.  For now, here's a tagline for why these blogs are the best for HR Pros....


Mark Crail

Hi Kris,
We are honoured that you've included the XpertHR blog in the rankings this month. Many thanks. We'll make sure we include the HR Capitalist in our own blog roll.
If we make the grade in future (and we hope we will), you might want to link to as this takes people direct to the blog home page. The link you have at present goes to a log-in page for our separate subscription HR site.
Best wishes

Paul Hebert

Much appreciated Kris.

Now you've set a bar and as competitive as I am - I got some work to do.

See - this psychology stuff works!

Frank Roche

What a delight to be included on your list. I'm honored. HR is a fun topic...or at least it can be. Nice work that you do as should also be on the list. Cool methodology, btw. That's real social media for HR.

Michael Moore


Thanks for the recognition. I am unaccustomed to seeing the words "law" and "fun" in the same sentence unless separated by the word "not". I either hit a high mark or am much closer to edge of reason than I appreciated.

I would discourage you from continuing this ambitious project if it detracts from your own blogging efforts. I am a regular reader and appreciate your insights very much. Your ability to weave HR issues into a fabric of everyday events is amazing.

Ann Bares


Thanks for the recognition - an honor to be included with so many of my favorite HR-related blogs.


Kris, I appreciate the acknowledgement. Ah, the pressure is on!

Scott McArthur

Great to be included along side so many great blogs!!

Jay S

Perhaps some of you guys would like to take a look at our blog, HR Daily Advisor. We've been out there about 14 months and would very much appreciate any feedback and advice.

Thank you,

Jay S
Managing Editor


Perhaps I'm biased because I like your blog. I often have differing opinion
from yours. Sometimes it is better to differ each other because it gives a
totally new perspective in our outlook. I honestly believe yours is one of
the best blogs on the web. Thanks for the nice work. :-)

Jon Ingham

Great initiative Kris, and thanks for including my blog. And even more thanks for highlighting the other blogs for me to read, many of which I've not come across as yet. Cheers, Jon.


Where is the list of the 103 blogs you included?

Natalie Cooper

Hi Kris,

I've just come back off my holidays - camping in the rural depths of rainy Wales, Great Britan, and just found out that I've just made it in your Top 25. Thanks for the inclusion.

One more thing. One of the titles I work on (Employers' Law) has just launched a new humourous section where HR professionals or lawyers can get their grievance gripes off their chest.

Have any of you ever come across or know of any humourous employee grievances? If so, we want to hear from you. The more humorous the better.

What’s the strangest grievance situation you have ever come across? If you want to share your grievance gripe with me (in 200 words) please email me: [email protected] (this will appear in future issues of our monthly title Employers' Law.



whew! i'm still in! haha

great list, kris.
and thanks for including me.
and for leading me to some other great blogs i'd not read before.

all the best!


Nice to be included. My next blog will be of even more interest for HR pros who are interested in staffing.


Thanks for your long list of suggestions!

HR Recruitment Sydney

That's a great list..

John Milton

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