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Why Employees Don't Come to HR When 401k Balances Are Down 10%

Thanks to the Readers - HR Capitalist Pushes Past 50,000 visits...

OK, Ray Kroc I'm not.  But a while back, The HR Capitalist pushed past the 50,000 visitor mark since we litMcdonalds_2 this candle of hope and started posting regularly in mid-February of 2007. 

How about a special shout out to those who helped make that happen?  Thanks to: 

  • Visitors who came once never to return - your click-throughs count too...
  • Returning visitors and subscribers - you count more than those listed above.  Please, never leave!
  • Distribution partners like The Industry Radar and Workforce.com - Thanks for picking up the content and letting people find me off your sites...
  • The temp I hired to click on the site 48,768 times from April through last week.  Your dedication to excellence is witnessed in your machine-like precision and ability to ward off carpel-tunnel syndrome.  And the fact I paid you hourly instead of by the click....

Just joking about the temp.... Thanks to all who have read, commented and helped in any way across the first 6 months of the project!



Congratulations! I was not aware you were on a mission - glad I can help. I really enjoy your content, the way you think, the picture in the upper left corner . . . . . keep it up Kris.

Evil HR Lady

Congrats on the 50,000 hits. That's a really short time as well. Tell me your secrets.

Really, write a post where you tell me what you've done to get so many hits.


50K is great, Kris. Like Lisa, I think the secret of your success is that picture in the upper left hand corner--as well as your wicked sense of humor.

We here are Workforce Management (aka Workforce.com) are happy to be spreading the word...

John Nail/The Industry Radar

KD,The nice thing about the web is that the viewers vote with their browsers on quality - and they have for you. Your articles have been a great addition to The Industry Radar and our readers and I look forward to them every day...thanks for your thoughtful work.

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