Channeling Chris Rock - Negative Comments in Performance Reviews
When You've Just Been Promoted to "Manager of" from "Manager"...

Are You Among the Top 10% of Performers In Your Company?

Sure you are... and so is everyone else...

In a classic case of Narcissism, a recent BusinessWeek poll asked 2,000 middle managers and execs that very question.  The answer?  Yes... 1800 times.  90% of respondents said they were in the top 10%.  And we wonder why confrontation in Performance Management is such an issue...

Wow, can you imagine the self-esteem issues the other 10% must have with this group of egos walking around?   If I could figure out who they are, I'd get them some help... Maybe a Tony Robbins semimar, or if the budget is a little tight, Matt Foley....

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Jon Burg

Hey, Jon Burg here from Future Visions, thanks for sharing! Please feel free to reach out if there is every anyway I can help out.


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