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The HR Capitalist: Building HR Egos via the "Name Your Intro Music" game...

As a general rule, HR people aren't very egotistical.  Gotta play it by the book, check the policy, etc.  Safe.  Fuzzy.  Paid to mediate.  When's the last time you saw a mediator (or HR Generalist) pull into the parking lot with Mettalica on "10" on their Sanyo system?  Never! (disclosure - I turn mine down at the same time I hit the blinker into the parking lot - but it's Soundgarden).

Well, it's a new day here at the HR Capitalist.  In my first installment of HR/Talent Professional Tag, I amAlbertpujols challenging the profession paid to play it safe (that's you, HR and Talent Management Professionals) to list your "Top 3 Songs You'd Want For Your Intro Music".

What the ____ is the Capitalist talking about?  We had our annual corporate baseball outing last Friday, and I was refreshed with one of my favorite baseball traditions - the members of the home team in the minors and majors get to pick the music that plays as they approach the plate - usually a 20-30 second clip of a popular, but rocking, tune.   As a result, we played my favorite game - everyone got to come up with 2 or 3 tunes they would blast if they were the ones approaching the plate.  Team building at its best...  See notes on the intro songs used by players in the big leagues and the story behind their selections here...

Very Cool...  So, what would your song be if you could blast music over the intercom as you were entering the conference room, getting ready to do a disciplinary action or simply walking down the hallway?  Bring your "A" game, my HR brothers and sisters...

The rules for this version of HR/Talent Professional Tag:

1.  Any type of music can be used - but it has to rock and pump up the blood of the people around you and let them know a little something about how you like to rock/jam/line dance...

2.  Leave your Top 3 on the comments to this blog entry along with an explanation of why it rocks and is representative of how you rock...

3.  If you feel so inclined, email this link to at least 2 larger than life HR/TalentConference_room_200621511230_big Management people and tell them to "bring it" in a similar fashion...

4.  Bonus points - if your arch rival was walking into the same conference room after your entrance and you wanted to deflate them, what would you play? (note - visiting players in baseball generally don't get to pick their music, it's provided for them with an intent to embarrass - think "Air Supply", etc.) 

I'll get the party started by inviting the usual cast of characters at the Carnival of HR to chip in and tag others.  This contest is OPEN, so if you are reading this, hit the comments and give us your anthem!!!

I'll rank them in a closing post in a few days.  To get it started, I'll give you a glimpse of where I am going - Dee Snider and Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" anyone?  Perhaps Nirvana's "In Bloom"?.....


Dave Ryan

Rehab - Amy Winehouse

evil  HRIS Guy

People Are Strange

The Doors


Mine are pretty simple, and influenced strongly by grunge...

1. "In Bloom" by Nirvana
2. "Spoonman" by Soundgarden
3. "Machinehead" by Bush

oddly enough, all I need is the first 30 seconds of intro for each song - no lyrics necessary!

Bonus Points - for deflating others, I would have to play the following to take the air out of their sails...

1. "99 Luftbaloons" by that German group...
2. "Take a chance on me" by supergroup ABBA
3. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by ?????


Michael Wolfe

Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
Extreme Days - DC Talk
Meant To Live - Switchfoot

It could probably think of more but I'm about to head back out to the beach....


Oh man, what a great contest.

Top three for my intro:

1) Ghetto Boys - Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster

C'mon, we've all seen Office Space. I shouldn't need to explain how cool it would be to walk into a meeting to this.

2) Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Just fast, loud, intimidating.

3) Quiet Riot - Come on Feel the Noise

Might just get the meeting attendees clapping or stomping their feet for your entrance.

And to deflate my nemesis:

1) Superdrag - Who Sucked Out the Feeling?

If you don't know it, check it out. No one would want to walk into this, especially with the opening line, "Look around, could it bring somebody down, if I never made a sound again"

2) Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Because nothing says cool and capable like a white dude with baggy pants and a goofy fade.

3) Lisa Loeb - Stay

Because the only thing close to walking in to Vanilla Ice is walking in to depressed post-adolecent whining about the boy who got away.


Bruce -

YOU ARE THE LEADER IN THE CLUBHOUSE. Especially with your "deflate" music. Truly classic pull with the Superdrag cut. I gotta go out to iTunes and grab that one tonight - great cut.

Good ghetto boys reference as well....



Soundgarden - Outshined
Tom Waits - Goin' Out West
Queens of the Stone Age - Mexicola
TV on the Radio - Wolf Like Me
Pearl Jam - Whipping
Tomahawk - God Hates a Coward
The Pogues - Fiesta
Alice in Chains - Them Bones
Idlewild - A Modern Way of Letting Go


hit the lights-metallica
unchained-van halen
think again/lights out-tmmbt's
new day rising-husker du
breaking the law-judas priest

HR Mitten

Top 3 Theme Songs:
Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
Pink - Get The Party Started
AC DC - Big Balls

Deflating song:
Tiny Tim - Tiptoe throught the Tulips

Michael Wolfe

Here are my deflating songs:

Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - Michael Bolton


Top 3 Theme Songs

Take it Easy - Eagles
Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks
Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas (?)

Deflate? Easy. Anything at all from George Michael and Wham.I see Michael was thinking the same so here is my vote too for Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Laurie Ruettimann

Top 3 Songs (I picked the 90s as a focus decade):

The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim
Groove Is In The Heart - Dee-Lite
Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake
*alternate* anything by Rage Against the Machine

Top Deflation Song:

Barbie Girl - Aqua


My three songs would be:
The theme to Pirates of the Carribean, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Wars.

The song for my rival would be the 59th Street Bridge (Feelin' Groovy)


1) I Want to Get Away (Lenny Kravitz)
2) I Wanna Be a Rock Star (Nickelback)
3) This is How We Do It (Montel Jordan)

# 3 would also be the song I'd play after the arrival of a nemesis...

Michael Wolfe

If anyone is interested in what baseball players use as their entrance music, check out this link....

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