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Most of the time I feel pretty digital as a HR Pro - I like technology, got the blog thing going, looking to automate everything under the sun... Then something comes along and makes me think I am 14 months away from retiring....

Do I need an Avatar to recruit?  The Washington Post suggests I might, citing a growing trend amongJpod companies to hold virtual recruiting fairs in online properties like Second Life.  No talking, just Instant Messaging.  From the Post:

"Last week, Sodexho took to the computer-based virtual world to screen job candidates. Job candidates were invited to create avatars (animated graphic characters) of themselves to be interviewed online by avatars of Sodexho recruiters. Candidates were able to choose the hair color, clothing, and general appearance of their avatar. They then sent their avatars to a virtual Sodexho office for an interview conducted via instant messages. The experience solicited positive reviews--cost effective, not as stressful on the candidate, more engaging than a phone interview, and appealing to both recent graduates and older experienced candidates."

I don't mean to go off on a rant here, but how about this as an alternative?  If the only way you are comfortable interviewing as a candidate is through a virtual job fair in Second Life, have I got a deal for you - it's called a "Virtual Job" - the perfect accessory to add to your identity in Second Life.  The twist is that instead of me paying you, you'll pay me for the identity I create for you in Second Life, complete with stress, pressure on the relationships in your life and something to complain about when you are away from "work". 

Ahhh - I feel better now.  Feel free to comment and tell me that I don't get it and I'm not tuned into Gen Y and Z.  If only customers could be handled exclusively through avatars, this might actually be a predictable methodology for interviewing.

PS - As for my Avatar, check out the picture from Doug Copeland's JPOD above- no question you'll see me online as the Cowboy....

PS #2 - Can someone sue you if they choose an Avatar that represents a protected class, even if they aren't a part of a protected class?  Don't laugh - you know we are probably 3 months away from that happening...


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