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Baseball Preview - Meet Ozzie Guillén, HR Nightmare

HR people don't get paid to follow sports, so the HR Capitalist does it for you, translating the scores and news into a language you can understand....  Today we continue with the 2007 Baseball Preview, HR Generalist style....  Today's profile - Ozzie Guillen...Guillen

Manager - Ozzie Guillén

Team - Chicago White Sox (South Side!!)

History - As a player, In 1985, Guillén received both the AL Rookie of the Year and The Sporting News Rookie of the Year awards. He was an All-Star in 1988, 1990-91, and won the Gold Glove Award in 1990. Guillén ranks among the White Sox all-time leaders in games played, hits and at-bats.  After serving as a coach for the Montreal Expos in 2002 and third base coach for the 2003 World Champion Florida Marlins, Guillén was hired in the off-season to replace Jerry Manuel as White Sox manager. On May 30, 2005, the White Sox extended Guillén's contract, making the move while the team had the best record in the majors (33-17). Chicago picked up the 2006 option on his contract, added two more years and included an option for the 2009 season. In October 2005, he led the White Sox to their first AL pennant since 1959, and their first World Series win since 1917 with a 4-game sweep of the Houston Astros

Primary HR Issue -  You can't control anything he does - he gets results but does it in a scorched earth kind of way.  Always good for a colorful quote, he has probed the bounds of acceptable behavior over the last couple of years by 1) Referring to a newspaper columnist using a homosexual slur while talking to a group of reporters, 2) screaming at a rookie pitcher in the dugout on national TV after he failed to hit a batter, then demoting him to the minors, 3) making tens if not hundreds of media comments pushing the limits of acceptable media behavior, etc....

What You, the HR Pro Would Do About It - You would start by sending him to sensitivity training (wait, the White Sox actually did that).  And at the end of the day, you wouldn't do a lot more about it.  He's getting great results and is seen as "colorful", "eccentric" and "candid".  The support hangs around as long as he is winning...  Plus, really no complaints from the folks he manages - after all, don't us HR types say that it's not discrimination if someone treats everyone bad without regard to protected class?

The Likely End - If the wins taper off, you would start getting calls on this type of performer.  Results matter, so as along as those are present, no complaints.  If the results start tapering off, expect calls from the individuals who manage and are managed by Ozzie.  If he misses the playoffs two straight years, he'll be voted off the island...


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