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From Thomas B. Gilliam, co-author of Move It. Lose It. Live Healthy: Achieve a Healthier Workplace One Employee at a Time:

Be Inclusive

Don't just single out obese people. Choose a program that emphasizes the benefits of lifestyle change--whose principles center on healthful, nutritious foods and regular exercise--and everyone will benefit. "Fitness" and "thinness" are not always synonymous.

Be Honest

Tell employees it's difficult to provide higher wages and better benefits when so much money is going to support preventable illnesses. And don't discount the power of face-to-face conversations. People will respect you more if you look them in the eye.

Offer Incentives

These can vary wildly. Some companies hand out small cash bonuses or gift certificates for reaching predetermined milestones. Others offer discounted insurance premiums. Still others make it a "team thing" and set up competitions between departments.

Foster Exercise Groups

Human beings are much more likely to sustain an exercise program if they have company. Hire an aerobics instructor to come in several times a week--to lead everyone in a vigorous workout. Start a lunch-hour walking group. You might even build a gym.

Use Family As a Lever

Offering to help employees set a healthy example for their children can be a powerful motivator. "When you say to people, 'Look, every time you open a new bag of potato chips and collapse in front of the TV, your kids are watching you,' they pay attention," says Gilliam. "Hey, guilt can be a very useful tool."


Shankar Sahai

You have some good tips listed above.

We are an wellness program related Analytics company that helps clients sift through the hype and frequently unrealistic expectations from their Corporate Wellness programs.

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