The Time You Wanted To Be Blink 182, But Sold Out To The Man...

We've all got guilty pleasures that wouldn't stand up to the world's judgement.

Some of us watch shows on TV that we wouldn't want the world to know about. Others have browsing histories in Chrome that are California-5728de26c873f damning at best.

Me? I like Blink 182.  A lot, probably too much.

Blink 182 is out with a new album and a new tour.  Of course, the hard core Blink fans out there in my readership question whether this is really Blink 182 - since they did it without founding singer-guitarist Tom DeLonge, who is apparently off researching UFOs. Blink subbed in Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, which is kind of like Mark Wahlberg subbing for a Steel Dragon legend in the movie Rock Star.

My point?  We've all got brands, and over time, those professional brands evolve. Every one of us has something that made us special, and for the most part, we had to hide some of what made us unique to conform to the cultures we had to live in at work.

Blink 182 is back to to their roots of what made them special with their new album. How do I know this?  Consider the first track on the record, which is 17 seconds long (email subscribers click through for video below):

That's right - here's the lyrics:

Woo, woo
I wanna see some naked duuuuuuudes
That's why I built this poooooool

If there's one thing that has defined the Blink 182 brand, it was being hopelessly juvenile. My guess here after a bit of research is that the Blink 182 crew aren't gay but they're also not bigots.  They're just on brand of making fun of everything they can.  That's the case as California ends with another microsong, “Brohemian Rhapsody” (sure), whose lyrics, in full, are as follows: “There’s something about you / That I can’t quite put my finger in.”

Geesh. Those guys.

This the same band that brought you the album title Enema of the State and broke onto the scene at the MTV music awards by performing "All The Small Things", complete with dozens of little people running around the stage.

These men will be boys.  You're judging me right now for writing this post.

As you do that, reflect on this: Whatever makes you special professional - the thing you've had to push to the background to get paid and make a living - would you be better off by bringing it back?  By letting your freak flag fly?

The reality is by doing that, you're limiting where you can earn a living - because most of the world wouldn't understand. But some of the world would get it, and it would probably make you much more valuable to those people.

It's OK to judge me for writing this post.  Just email me your Chrome browsing history and we're even.