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Posting jobs on social media is the minimum — and in today’s competitive recruiting world the minimum isn’t enough. That’s why I put together this webinar comparing, contrasting, and ranking the top social media platforms for recruitment marketing advertising. We wanted to cut through the noise and help you make smart recruiting decisions with your recruitment marketing budget related to social.

Join me for “The Talent Acquisition/HR Leader’s Guide to Social Media Buys for Recruiting” on February 15th at 1pm ET/12Noon CT/10am PT and we’ll give you the following goodies:

--A primer on buying recruiting ads (in all their various forms) with the players you expect – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

--No-nonsense rankings of where to spend your money on social platforms based on your specific needs – with sub rankings related to reach, audience and more.

--Benchmarks on what others are doing related to their overall recruiting budget – in social, job boards, Indeed and more – to give you a sense for how you compare.

--The best way to run recruiting campaigns that don’t cost you anything – and are probably right under your nose.

--Some quick-start templates to use to get social ads rolling for that tough to fill job that’s currently crushing your soul.

We love recruiters and HR pros that have recruiting as part of their job. You’re busy and haven’t had time to dig into to social recruiting ads – we did it for you, so join us for “The Talent Acquisition/HR Leader’s Guide to Social Media Buys for Recruiting” on February 15th at 1pm ET/12Noon CT/10am PT. We have you covered!



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Good job! Well done with the post.

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