GLASSDOOR GOLD: "I'm Not Getting Into This With You"...
Why Is This Manager Riding Your ### In The (NFL) Workplace?

The Solar Eclipse Killed Work Productivity in America...

OK - that title's click bait, but wait, don't leave.

First up, Reuters DID report that American employers saw at least $694 million in missing output from the roughly 20 minutes that outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimated workers took out of their workday on Monday, Aug. 21 to stretch their legs, head outside the office and gaze at the nearly two-and-a-half minute eclipse.

I shared that on social media and meant to add this tongue in cheek preface - "If they think that's bad, they should check out the lost productivity around talking about Game of Thrones."

The feedback on LinkedIn (one place I posted it where the preface cited above wasn't included) was swift.  People called BS on the number.  Kinda said I was stupid for sharing it.  I tried to explain the witty add I planned didn't make it on the post.  They didn't care.

But Netflix came out with another number I thought was interesting - see tweet below:

Hey, just wondering why 10% of you chose to watch a giant rock cover a giant ball of gas when I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR YOU.

— Netflix US (@netflix) August 22, 2017

According to the streaming service, Netflix lost 10 percent of its usual viewership during the total solar eclipse that took place Monday, which put a portion of the US in a state of total darkness while the moon blocked out the sun.

The workplace numbers likely assume that 100% of working Americans stopped working to view the eclipse.

The Netflix numbers say that only 10% of Netflix viewers stopped watching to check out the event.

Netflix is taken more seriously than work.

Think about that one for a bit.  



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