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May 17, 2017


Steve Hale

Really good post. This is a real factor in hiring decisions too. Those candidates who manage to show enthusiasm just short of being cheerleaders usually have a better chance than the quieter more introspective ones. It shouldn't be that way but it is. Wear the mask.

Alan Oathout

Thought-provoking as always, KD. The Japanese have a societal concept known as "tatemae/hon'ne". Tatemae = your public, "correct" face; hon'ne represents your genuine feelings. While the concept of tatemae is useful for getting along in collectivist societies/organizations, thoughtful Japanese writers have eloquently described the long-term detrimental effects on their country. It permeates their legal system, politics, media coverage, many companies, law enforcement, etc...and during the Fukushima nuclear disaster that impacted millions of lives, the people affected were kept uninformed for months. Faking interest in a meeting is clearly benign by comparison...If the insincerity only went that far. But in systems where faking it to "survive and thrive" becomes accepted/demanded practice, the downstream effects can (and often do) grow to devastating proportions.

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