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April 17, 2017


Matt Landrum

My LinkedIn pet peeve is that they make it such a pain in the --- to refuse an invitation. In theory, according to my settings, only people that know me should be able to send me a LinkedIn invitation, but 9-10 invites are from people I don't know. And, 8 out of those 9 are not even connected to other people I know.

At least let me click a button and turn them away, ideally with a customizeable message like "I'm sorry, I don't remember working with you in the past". That should be an option EVERY place there is an option to accept the invitation. I understand why they make it hard, but it's transparent that they are purposely making it a pain for me to their (perceived) benefit.

I've seen people go as far as putting a note in their LinkedIn profile about who they will/will not accept invites from. As tempting as that is, it has a bit of a "stay off my lawn" vibe in my view.

Lastly, death to lazy marketing people.

OK, old man rant over.



This is exactly how I feel!


Sometimes I get the sense that LinkedIn is largely useless. Yes, you can verify a person's employment history (or their purported history), but I can't think of many people I know personally who've had a significant career boost because of their LinkedIn profile. But I'm a lawyer, not an HR manager. Still, it's one of those unnecessary things that you absolutely don't want to be without. Sort of like bottled water.

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